Guo Qilin nodded in satisfaction,No matter how unwilling Guo Zijian is,He went straight to the study room upstairs with his assistant and said:“Contact me immediately to Ou Jianhua。”

“Yes!” The assistant looked for Ou Jianhua’s number again and again, while suggesting:“boss,The Ou’s family is only sometimes in power on Hong Kong Island,Let’s just kill the four major societies,Why do you give him face。” “Let you hit,Nonsense!”Guo Qilin said […]

Shi Xulin replied in time。

Wang Yufei glanced sideways at Lu Yuxin,No answer,Shi Xulin continued:“Correct,For example, someone bullied your girlfriend,Even let Lu Yuxin get injured and be hospitalized,But the perpetrator can get away with it for various reasons,Will you incarnate as a justice messenger to […]

I slept until seven o’clock in the morning,Xia Jiancai got up。When he went downstairs,Gu Yue’s mother has already prepared breakfast,Once he and Gu Yue finished eating,Walked out of the villa。Where did Xiaoting’s car park long ago,Xia Jian and Gu Yue went up,Xiaoting smiled and said:“General Gu,Gu Dong called me last night,Ask your personal assistant what is going on?”

“The mouths of these guys are too long,It seems that my dad has a lot of eyeliner where I am,How did you answer?”Gu Yue asked Xiao Ting back。 Xiaoting started the car,She smiled and said:“Of course I can’t tell him,I […]

Ma Yan took a deep breath and said:“Xia Jian!You know what I think about you。It’s just that I want to remind you,I think Sister Xiao Min is not for you。Not that she is not good,But it’s too good in every way。Of course you are also good,But you are still a migrant worker”

“thank you!I will remember your words。It’s late,I’ll take you back!Oh!I’m going back to Bucheon tomorrow。If you are not angry,You should help hold the key to my house!”Xia Jian quickly changed the subject。 Ma Yan smiled sadly and asked:“Will Uncle Xia […]

“Xia Ge!Wu Qian, this vicious woman wants to harm Uncle Luo and Miss Luo。This matter is not without solution,It’s just that the lady doesn’t want to do this,and so…”Ali said that,Then stopped。

Xia Jian became more confused,What the hell is Luo Yi?What can’t you tell him?Xia Jian sighed,Speak loudly to the phone:“Ali!Speak straight,You should know my temper” “Xia Ge!Things are like this。Longdong Group has a vice president if he is willing to […]