The Bosch Group is a large、Comprehensive corporate group,Its products span home appliances、Industrial Technology、Automation technology、Consumer goods and construction technology and other categories,Robert Schneider is just the president of Bosch Group in charge of auto parts business,for him,As long as you can win andamcCooperation、Can make Bosch make money,Any cooperation model proposed by Chen Geng is worth considering。He said immediately:“Mr. Fernandez, would you please say,What is your envisioned way of cooperation?”

Chen Geng did not immediately answer Robert Schneider’s question,Instead, the topic changed,Ask Robert Schneider:“Mr. Schneider,How much do you know about China’s automotive industry?” “China?” Robert Schneider subconsciously wanted to shake his head:Why should I know anything about the desert of […]

239chapter Turned out to be“Pour spring cold”

Chen Geng patiently explained to them:“it means,At the share level,Jialing plant has a joint venture company more than50%Shares of,When the company pays dividends, it is also distributed according to this share,But considering that Jialing Factory is an old military factory […]

The message is spread out。

In other words,Bill actually feels that their team doesn’t have much energy to be distracted to do other things。The reason for taking over the task of the black hand,More to hide,So as not to overreact the Skynet Intelligence Team。 It’s […]