[] Recently, the National Swimming Center ushered in 2021 Upper Chair Curling World Championships, this is the last round of practical tests before the "Ice Cube" before the Beijing Winter Olympics. In the first day test operation, 5G technology applied to the field of field operation management, stadium spreading, and the intelligence of the epidemic, minimalist game wisdom. Zhang Jia, director of Beijing Unicom Winter Olympics, China Unicom provides a wisdom, epidemic prevention, asset management, and meal robot such as a venue, 5G application to the event, athletes and media.

  In order to achieve the double goal of epidemic prevention and efficient operation, first, "Ice Cube" achieves 5G robot dining services in closed-loop regions to avoid contact between personnel, and reduce pressure to epidemic prevention.

Secondly, 5G provides a convenient service for media services, and the mixed interview zone has achieved remote interviews through cloud broadcasting, ensuring that news media and closing of athletes, coaches and other managers interactions, but also provide protection for epidemic prevention. In addition, the handheld "Wo Zhi" wisdom epidemic prevention machine can realize only the identity, health code and nucleic acid testing, and instant printing voucher, which is convenient for registration personnel to enter and exit in place within 24 hours. In order to realize the minimalist officer, China Unicom has built a unified command system in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou, using the end of the cluster to realize the command scheduling in the cluster, avoiding the complexity of multi-network network .

  In terms of material management, Chen Gang, deputy general manager of Beijing Unicom Industrial Internet Center, showed the electronic label technology, which can save 60% of the material label classification, which greatly improves efficiency, currently "ice cube" All types of materials offer 128 labels.

At the same time, China Unicom’s electronic lock has positioning function, which can achieve remote control acceptance and information destruction, further improving the security of material management. "The biggest characteristics of 5G technology, I think it is possible to govern everything in material management.

We have implemented the technology office through this management of people and equipment, but also implemented simplicity requirements.

Zhang Jia said.

  Into the "Ice Cube" game, the blue main color reflected four kinds of curling tracks, at the end of the Mingzi, raised a wide electronic big screen with the whole ice rink.

  Before this big screen started with sports display links to broadcast a beautiful preheated movie, it was divided into four regions, and showed the large capital of four wheelchair curling competitions with 90 degrees. The curve trajectory of the curve movement is realized.

  This is a unique design of "Ice Cube" new exploration, 170 square meters of large screens show 4 big camp in real size, while the row of ice corms comes from the venue team being tested and perfect "curling" Sports Track Capture "Technology. One of the projects that implement the "Science and Technology Winter Olympics" concept, this data-based technology can help people understand the law of curling exercise, such as how ice quality affects the running trajectory of ice makers, and help coaches and athletes research Tactics, guidance training. Yang Qiyong, deputy director of the venue team, said: "We want to create a so-called folding space, in the lobby, we are flat, we use the big screen to give the site, so you will change this game. Interesting. "" How to face some of the situation of some solving questions, it is an original intention to collect or establish this trajectory management system database.

"Yang Qi Yong said," Our referee is welcome to this matter, he also predicts that this data will be used to guide the future coach, and he is willing to let the audience see such a curve, and better understand the ice Pot exercise.