How did Yan Yuanchao answer??He can’t answer at all。
“Anyway……Anyway……”The anxious Yan Yuan Chaocha is a bit frustrated:“Anyway, you will never sell it to us cheaply。”
First713chapter It’s you
Facing the furious Yan Yuan Dynasty,Li Rui、King of、Lu Ming and others were shocked!
They are too aware of Chen Geng’s weight and position in China’s political map,Don’t look at Chen Geng smiling all day long,But if Yan Yuan Dynasty really annoys Chen Geng,That’s more than just a problem。
Just about to speak,But Chen Geng waved his hand unexpectedly,Laughed:“You’re right,Certainly not cheap。”
“What else do you have to say?”In Yan Yuanchao’s words, there is quite a smell of broken jars:“You admit it yourself……”
“Why should we sell it cheaply?”
Chen Geng interrupted him suddenly,Asked rhetorically:“cpu、RAM、Hard disk production is expensive,not cheap,Is it possible to write a set of compatible、Is a useful operating system simple??If it’s really that simple,Why are there at least 20 or 30 central processors for microcomputers on the market?,But the only operating system approved by the market is ourscp/m?”
Chen Geng’s words,So many people present、Especially since I have always looked down upon typing code and writing software before、People who think that writing software does not have much technical content are all taken aback。
Yes indeed。
If writing an operating system is really that simple,Why can there be 20 or 30 central processors for microcomputers in the world today,But the operating system is only owned by Chen Geng’s data research companycp/m?
operating system、Or the writing of software,seem……Not that simple。
Just when everyone is thinking about this question,Chen Geng patted Yan Yuanchao on the shoulder,Said:“As China’s first noodle market、Computer and semiconductor high-tech companies that are truly commercialized,Great Wall Computer has to do more than just develop a qualified computer,But to take up the important task of developing China Semiconductor!