“what?”Long Zhanye stunned。
Lu Menglin shook his hand,The mutant skeleton soldier Xiaoqiang,Hand axe,Staggered to the Dragon Battlefield。
Long Zhanye thought the opponent was about to make a move,Haha smile,Closed eyes。
I don’t know that the skeleton soldier didn’t swing an axe,But gently walked past him,Passing by the dragon battlefield。
Mo Wen, who was kneeling behind Long Zhanye, trembled.,I thought that skeleton soldier was here to chop him,So scared that he quickly kowtowed for mercy。
result,Skeleton soldier Xiaoqiang didn’t even look at Mo Wen on the ground,Keep walking towards the back。
Those behind,Are all under the big gangs,Although they are all forty-level strong,But in this case,No one dares to act rashly,Hold your breath,Staring closely at the skeleton soldier Xiaoqiang。
Long Zhanye heard the movement from behind,Glance,Can’t help but furious:“Pooh!You are too shameless!They all follow me,Kill me if you want,Don’t move them!”
Lu Menglin ignored Long Zhanye’s anger,But with a smile,Continue to maintain a relaxed posture。
Skeleton soldier Xiaoqiang did not attack anyone,But strode to one of them,Stand still,There are ghost fires flashing in those hollow eyes。
Everyone was stunned,I don’t know what madness this skeleton soldier made。
And the person who was standing in front of the skeleton soldier Xiaoqiang,It’s just an ordinary warrior of the Longye Society,Although there are forty levels,But the equipment is average,Mediocre。
This ordinary forty-level soldier looks a little hurried,A look at a loss,Everyone can see the panic and fear on his face。
“What are you doing?”Long Zhanye couldn’t help clenching his fists,Roared。
He can die,But he can’t tolerate someone torturing his subordinates,If the next moment,If something is about to become reality,Then he doesn’t mind trying his life again!
Lu Menglin ignored Long Zhanye,But look through the crowd,Fell on that ordinary forty-level fighter。