“dad,Ziyu is still young,You see how weak he is,I’m afraid he can’t stand it anymore。”Hua Tianyi looked at his father anxiously。
“I said that,Nothing will happen,I was the same as Ziyu before,Didn’t you see?
An old man my age has survived,He’s such a young man,Why can’t it stand,I said no to go, no to go。”The genius doctor Hua looks weak。
But I lose my temper,Looks pretty strong。
“dad,Just listen to grandpa,I’m fine,I can hold on。”Hua Ziyu looks weak and strong。
It made my father feel distressed but also moved my grandpa,Although Hua Ziyu is really sick,But many expressions,But I did it deliberately。
The purpose is to let grandpa and father see,My contribution to the Huajia,Don’t care even if you sacrifice your life。
“Good grandson,Grandpa knows you are uncomfortable,Grandpa is the same,So we have to hold on。”The genius doctor Hua comforted Hua Ziyu while comforting herself。
“Okay grandpa,I know you are for my good,It may be due to personal physique,So the effect is different。”Hua Ziyu also said comfortingly。
“Is it really like this,Does it vary from person to person?”The genius doctor Hua asked with some doubts。
If calculated by time
if,Time after taking this time,It’s a little longer than last time,I have no other feelings。
In addition to being physically weak,,Without any feeling or phenomenon。
Could it be that the pill developed by my company,The one sent by Zhang Dong is still different。
This is impossible,People in the laboratory work overtime,And all follow the previous,Developed with the same ingredients as tested。
if we assume,Where is the difference,Compared with the one sent by Zhang Dong,This one of my own is a hardcover edition。