Although the Chu Deiren just has a hand,But in the old man,This will not be any martial arts、Diki jumped out,Undoubted more pure……
At this time, Xiao Yan quickly called a Tibetan people.,I want him to heal,But it is already late.,This Tsing Yi people hope that Xiao Yan has to ask him.,Just die,What is the use of him??Naturally, it is not!
And when this Tsing Yi is pulled out,There are still some embarrassments……
But see this people a green dress、Face clear,Whether it is the body or temperament,Chu Deirers feel familiar,Wearing……That is the same as the yellow pharmacist.!
As for the five senses……
Slightly strange,After all, the five senses of the Huang Pharmacist,Chu Deiren has never seen,And this does not wear a mask,However, it is very distinctive face that has a cyan light shadow.。
“This Sky Cliff Xiebai Tour!”Tsing Yi people interrupt the greetings of the Chu Deirers.。
Chu Deman:……
Hey!This is too much.,Compared with a few days ago,You didn’t even change your clothes at all.?
Chapter 112 It’s a cool
“Herk passenger”Skyscrapers Xie smokest,and“Shot”Dongxie Huang Pharmacist,There is indeed a lot of similarities。
For example, the two are mostly wearing a green shirt.,All-need、All“Face clear”……
The difference between the two people on the appearance,It is a mask that is wearing a perfunctory mask when the Huang Phase is seen.,And Xiebangke is because of the internal reason,Faces are flourishing!
It is also also evil on behalf of the two people.,It’s hard to use good people、Bad people go to describe。
Especially the two people have the biggest similarities——All“Capture”。
if not“Herk passenger”More vague,Other works with Jin Yong Master,Unrelated,Maybe you can see what is related。
But before today,Chu Dee people have never thought,This“Two”Will be the same person……
Just this pick,Chu Deirers remembered a lot,For example, in the original,Xie smoke is unwilling to collect the reason,It is he was apprentice“Harmful”pass,But what is his apprentice?、What kind of grievances happened?,Not in the book,Only that a psychological description。
Although the yellow pharmacist is harmful to innocent apprentices,But it is indeed the discipline——Mei Chaofeng and Chen Xuanfeng have stealing half of the year.《Jiuyin Zhenjing》elopement,This matter does make the yellow pharmacist,Even therefore concerted several other disciples。
Chu Deirers deeper(e)enter(yi)Think about,No matter the original version,Huang Pharmacist has some emotions that Mei Chao winds,So will only walk because of Mei Chao Feng and Chen Xuanfeng,And the legs of all other disciples were interrupted,However, it has not hurt the plum super wind.、Also save her life!
What is the relationship between this and Xie?
nonsense!Changed to a Chu Deiren,If you have this experience,Face is still because of internal strength,Always,I will definitely find a mask to cover up.……
Looking at the Chu Deirens,I am staring at my face,yellow……Xie smoke always feels that this is not thinking about?,I can’t help but say that Xiao Yan:“People are dead,How can I save??”
“what?Old Boke……Hey。”Xiao Yan also found,The big sad old man has been shrunk at this time.,Thoroughly got a breath。
This is also the feature of the hard work of the outside.,Because the muscle strength is different from ordinary people,There is no deliberate stretch after death,Will be curled up,Worms like the same。
“What did he say when he is dead??”Xie smoke, I asked more.。
This big sad old man is also some“friendship”,How many times ago, Xie smoke and,After all, one is the Bai Whale Island、One is peach……Cough,I am so smoked in the skyline,I haven’t lived in the island at all.!
In short, the two before,However, when I was still young.,Originally, he sent a late start.,In the early years, it is a reading person.,White whale island main sad old man,Knowing it,Thank you for your older。
I still have to play with him.,Finally, Xie smoke is to make your hand.“Control crane”,Disturb the strength of the Bai Whale Island,This is more dangerous。
But so many years,Xie smokest martial arts,White whale island main sad old man,Because I was hurt in my early years,Internal practice is not smooth,So mainly practicing foreign kung fu,Naturally gradually be super。
“Old say……The mud in your arms is given to me.。”Xiao Yan said without a preparation。
“He will be hard practice to so much,The rivers and lakes are also the characters,What is you got to send you?。”Xie smoke guest said,A pair I don’t want to see it.。