After the Zerg hit hard,He betrayed the Zerg,Leading groups of similar life forms alone,Become the leader of an ordinary ethnic minor league,Also attached to the human race—-Due to the increase in the overall strength of the primitive universe,Only a small force with the Lord of Laws,Can only be regarded as an ordinary ethnic group。

“That’s also,What’s more, only his avatar of the Demon Killer clan uses the secret method of avatar,Casting the secret of will is enough to kill those races。” “Look,What is he doing?” in2In the incomprehensible gazes of the five masters of […]

Wang Youcai is worried that there is nowhere to go,When I heard Zou Yong was going to ask him to drink,Came in for a while,He smiled and said:“sure!My treat tonight,I don’t know if Chen Xiaodong is willing to give me this face”

“Boss Wang can only invite us,How can I say that I don’t give you face?”Chen Xiaodong is like a ghost,Suddenly appeared behind Wang Youcai。 Both are happy,They hug,Walked towards the tavern opposite。at this time,It’s when everyone is out for activities,So […]

“In the U.S,An operating system accounts for about one-seventh to one-eighth of the overall price of a computer,But in China,This operating system can account for this price35000Fraction of a dollar in a computer?”Looking at Yan Yuanchao,Chen Geng’s eyes quietly became sharper:“Mr. Yan,Can you answer me?”

“……” How did Yan Yuanchao answer??He can’t answer at all。 “Anyway……Anyway……”The anxious Yan Yuan Chaocha is a bit frustrated:“Anyway, you will never sell it to us cheaply。” 。m. ———— First713chapter It’s you Facing the furious Yan Yuan Dynasty,Li Rui、King of、Lu […]