Blue:“You can also don’t listen。”

Blueness suddenly doesn’t speak,Silently lying back to the sofa,Pick up the drama,But a word can’t see it.。 “elder brother,you say,Whose car is hitting too grandmother?” He is a little unwilling,His loved ones,How do you have an accident in two?。 Blue […]

Then he signed and approved some materials on the table,This is what a vice president of the company must do。When these things are over,When Xia Jian was about to talk to Gu Yue about something he just remembered,Suddenly someone knocked on the door and walked in。

It turned out to be Tong Juan from the External Liaison Department,This woman is a bit sexy today,Scented shoulders,The most surprising thing is,Where is the ravine on her chest,Made a translucent,Xia Jian glanced at it,I feel like I’m so passionate。 […]

“Patriarch Gaskell!”Charlie, the sanctuary warrior from the imperial family·Sistanda speaks“Hamlin is evil,One of my royal family has fallen under his hands.,Killing Hamlin is the imperative of our royal family。”

“but,Our royal family hopes to further contact the Gaskell family。”Imperial royal family,After all, he is sitting on righteousness,On wealth,Don’t care about these,They also don’t lack the crystal core of Sanctuary Warcraft,The royal sanctuary powerhouses all use heavy swords,Some artifacts like […]

Li Tianchou sorted out these issues according to causal logic,Find oldAWhereabouts should not be ignored and excluded,Seemingly infinite coincidence reasoning,There are often hidden secrets behind。In that case,Will you be followed by your opponent?,Even in his eyes, it is already a light transparent prey?

Think of here,Li Tianchou inadvertently glanced at Pan Lao, who was curled up in the corner of the carriage.,Cold sweat broke out of my back involuntarily。This old man is abnormal,Obviously there are formal and convenient procedures to visit relatives,But I […]

My friend’s son,Zang Yun said coldly。

For this result,He is very dissatisfied。 What’s the origin of this Fang Yu,Even Mr. Ming’s face! “Someone has something……We can’t force!” Ming Zun resists Zang Yun’s excited reaction,Shen Sheng。 “Uncle Ming……Is it possible that you won’t even give you face?”Zang […]

These rioters,Shouldn’t they be all killed?

Shouldn’t let them know the prosperity of the Zulong city state,Let them retreat? Why they can also be called subjects? “She’s a deferment,Don’t believe this woman!!”quickly,A strong bear-like leader among the violent army said loudly。 “She is only one person,It’s […]

And now,Wang Teng subconsciously looked in front of him,The more so,Actually from the current point of view,Wang Teng’s whole person is the more he thinks, the more he feels,Such a thing,It’s a bit sudden。

Stand still,Now,Wang Teng watched all this in front of him。 Just look at everything in front of me a little bit,The more so,Actually here,Wang Teng thought it was very funny。 But looking at all this,Now,Wang Teng said directly。 “Actually all […]