“Do not!I’m not going anywhere,I’m going to be by your side”Lin Wei opened his mouth,Very stubborn tone。Xia Jian couldn’t help it,But he changed his mind,It’s not a problem to let Lin Wei go alone,In case Chen Feng sends someone to guard at the hotel entrance,Wouldn’t it be more passive。

The two looked at each other,No more words,But went to their respective locker rooms。 They went directly into the elevator as soon as they came out,Waiting for the underground parking garage,Xia Jian went out first。Lin Wei followed him closely。If the […]

But if this is Paris·Hilton said it……

Chen Geng suddenly wanted to look in the mirror:Is there a tendency to turn green on my head?? As for Little Paris·Hilton’s Grandpa Barron·Hilton laughed,He didn’t take the words of his beloved granddaughter at all.。 Also! The unscrupulous childish words […]

In fact,Became the incarnation of god,The value will naturally become higher,So in the eyes of some people,Has value,Something of value,Will never be let go。

“What about the snake?Snake bones can also make bracelets?”Xiaoxiao asked。 Hu Yang nodded:“Snake bone is the most central position of the bone spine,It is also a high-quality material for making bracelets。Snake bone fraud is less,Because the characteristics of snake bones […]