You may have a long time this disease.,It may also be in the near future.,This is not good,As for why it will increase,It is estimated to be related to your movement,Studies have shown that exercise exercise、Or use diuretics, etc., it will also induce this disease.。Generally, the lower limbs are weak,Then the upper limb is weak,Finally, it may be breathing muscles.,Some people also swallowing weakness。

Next step,We must make a clear check,Do you have this disease?。As long as the hormone level inside the blood is knew。Director said with Ms. Sun。 Plasma aldosterone concentration、Uroated monoxide concentration,Because the concentration of aldosidone in the body is affected by […]

Personal history:History of smoking3year,daily3branch,No drinking history,No other bad habits。

Hepatococcal electrolyte blood glucose is normal。 On the day of the admission, the waist wear is as follows: Appearance clear,Internal pressure 250Water column brain fluid IgGap;gt;108g。 Give treatment10sky,Dehydration reduction,Mannitol、Glycero,Castulovi anti-virus 025 q12h,Dexamethasone5g2sky,Cephalon 2g qd,Patient symptoms improve,No fever,Headache is obviously reduced。 […]

Chen Xiaolan smiled slightly and said:“Winter is coming,I can’t do this job in the snow,In these two or three months,How to arrange the work of our fruit planters,How to pay?Won’t do it less,The salary is not paid, right?!”

“will not!No matter if it blows or snows,Have to go to the ground to check,As long as attendance,Payroll is not wrong”Xia Jian said decisively。 ———— First0924chapter Snowy night North Wind Roar,Sudden weather change。 Xia Jian inspected a few trees in […]

Watching everyone’s eyes staring at me,This man is a little unhappy,But thinking that most people here are above their own strength,But dare not say anything。

This man approached the table,I found myself sitting at the end of the table,Frowned,Told Wright:“you,Give me a place。” The smile on Wright’s face was frozen,Cecilia’s pretty face is as cold as frost,And the gray-haired woman opposite them frowned。Present(Bright side)Is the […]

“Do not!I’m not going anywhere,I’m going to be by your side”Lin Wei opened his mouth,Very stubborn tone。Xia Jian couldn’t help it,But he changed his mind,It’s not a problem to let Lin Wei go alone,In case Chen Feng sends someone to guard at the hotel entrance,Wouldn’t it be more passive。

The two looked at each other,No more words,But went to their respective locker rooms。 They went directly into the elevator as soon as they came out,Waiting for the underground parking garage,Xia Jian went out first。Lin Wei followed him closely。If the […]

But if this is Paris·Hilton said it……

Chen Geng suddenly wanted to look in the mirror:Is there a tendency to turn green on my head?? As for Little Paris·Hilton’s Grandpa Barron·Hilton laughed,He didn’t take the words of his beloved granddaughter at all.。 Also! The unscrupulous childish words […]