The room has been firm and rising,Of course the developers make a lot of money,But once housing prices start to stabilize,Many developers can’t hold on,For example, the local developer in Beijing that he currently has,Hongye Real Estate。

In fact, there is already a qualified empty shell,It is worthless! But anyway,The deal with Lu Yuxin can finally go on。 Anyway, the acquisition of this company does not intend to develop real estate in China。 What he didn’t know […]

Wu Fang is now a suspect,Temporarily lost freedom,Even when several people came to see him, he had to follow the procedures,Just a few days,The task force has become extremely passive in Gedian Town,Although it hasn’t reached the point where everyone shouts,,But it’s harder to do a very small thing than going to the sky,The fellow villagers cast a very distrustful and contemptuous look at them,In town,It’s hard for everyone。

“later,Yan Jiu’s son carried me with a big pole,Give me anxious eyes,Just reached out and snatched his guy,Maybe I was……Do not,Maybe I’m a little bit stronger,Smashed this kid somersault,Actually smashed his head,This stabbed a hornet’s nest,His seven aunts and eight […]

Just walked out more than ten steps,A miserable cry from the forest in front spread throughout the forest,Startled crow、Birds and insects all fly。

Chen Xiu heard this scream,Scalp tingling:“Isn’t Zhu Huiwei finished?!” “wrong,He is a zombie,Copper skin and iron bone,Shouldn’t die so easily,Not to mention no gunshots!” He can do whatever he wants,There is another fire in front of the forest,After that“Crackling”Constant gunfire,The […]