“Xia Ge!Wu Qian, this vicious woman wants to harm Uncle Luo and Miss Luo。This matter is not without solution,It’s just that the lady doesn’t want to do this,and so…”Ali said that,Then stopped。

Xia Jian became more confused,What the hell is Luo Yi?What can’t you tell him?Xia Jian sighed,Speak loudly to the phone:“Ali!Speak straight,You should know my temper” “Xia Ge!Things are like this。Longdong Group has a vice president if he is willing to […]

What made the instructor and Gu Changfeng horrified,It happened at two o’clock in the morning,Within half an hour of the last person being questioned returned to the detention room。But this time period,Everyone actually fell asleep,No one can recall what happened half an hour ago。

———— Chapter Eighty Eight Ashamed Fortunately, the personnel were not injured,This group of people walked silently,Like it suddenly evaporated,The instructor led the team to Ma’s as soon as possible,People go to the house。 This is a big joke,I worked hard […]

Star beast squinted as usual,A look of enjoyment,Take this opportunity,Kuchimo hinted at the danger of the blood river with his eyes,It may be the accumulated might of the star beast,Blood River is very confused,The method of spiritual communication is not safe,In a hurry,I haven’t waited for Ku Kimo to think of other ways,The black beads disappeared,Star Beast opened his huge eyes again,Obviously irritable。

“I am very dissatisfied with your cooperative attitude,Came late this time,Too little portion,Far from enough。”Star Beast complains unexpectedly,But the irritability in the eyes quickly disappeared,Can’t see the next intention。 “Please forgive me,The world of the heavens right now has two,There […]

“Let’s talk more,Boss,Since you already know everything about us,Then you should know that in order to set up this round,We also paid a great price,So it’s impossible to stop and stop this matter!”

“So the boss,Sorry,Everything else is easy to say,But only to let Mahmud go,Forgive me!” “Yes,I can’t do this!Mr. Joe,Please don’t embarrass us!”Prince Shahid and Monica also expressed their opinions,Collectively rejected Qiao Tianyu’s request。 “Hahaha.”Seeing that my request was rejected by […]

Ugh!It’s really sad!

as expected,The moment Lin Yuner saw Liu Chunlan nodding,Her breathing immediately became hurried,And as Lin Yuner’s breathing worsened,Liu Chunlan’s heart also became more tense。 But when Liu Chunlan felt that Lin Yoona was about to break out,She suddenly noticed that […]

The Bosch Group is a large、Comprehensive corporate group,Its products span home appliances、Industrial Technology、Automation technology、Consumer goods and construction technology and other categories,Robert Schneider is just the president of Bosch Group in charge of auto parts business,for him,As long as you can win andamcCooperation、Can make Bosch make money,Any cooperation model proposed by Chen Geng is worth considering。He said immediately:“Mr. Fernandez, would you please say,What is your envisioned way of cooperation?”

Chen Geng did not immediately answer Robert Schneider’s question,Instead, the topic changed,Ask Robert Schneider:“Mr. Schneider,How much do you know about China’s automotive industry?” “China?” Robert Schneider subconsciously wanted to shake his head:Why should I know anything about the desert of […]

The message is spread out。

In other words,Bill actually feels that their team doesn’t have much energy to be distracted to do other things。The reason for taking over the task of the black hand,More to hide,So as not to overreact the Skynet Intelligence Team。 It’s […]

After asking,Haven’t waited for Xiao Fan to answer,Wang Mingyang smiled bitterly,Said:“See what silly question I asked,Your ability is far above Qiao Shan,Why can’t I guess his movements??”

Xiao Fan smiled faintly,Wang Mingyang’s flattery has a very good time。 Xiao Fan made a please gesture to Wang Mingyang,Signaled Wang Mingyang to continue。 At this time, Wang Mingyang’s eyes suddenly became a little loose,He doesn’t know where the focus […]