Guo Qilin nodded in satisfaction,No matter how unwilling Guo Zijian is,He went straight to the study room upstairs with his assistant and said:“Contact me immediately to Ou Jianhua。”

“Yes!” The assistant looked for Ou Jianhua’s number again and again, while suggesting:“boss,The Ou’s family is only sometimes in power on Hong Kong Island,Let’s just kill the four major societies,Why do you give him face。” “Let you hit,Nonsense!”Guo Qilin said […]

Shi Xulin replied in time。

Wang Yufei glanced sideways at Lu Yuxin,No answer,Shi Xulin continued:“Correct,For example, someone bullied your girlfriend,Even let Lu Yuxin get injured and be hospitalized,But the perpetrator can get away with it for various reasons,Will you incarnate as a justice messenger to […]