This discovery,Makes Xia Jian a little uneasy。Why would Zhang Teng arrange such a service for him??Even massage,I can’t dress like this!

Woman finger,Like playing the piano,Gently bounced on Xia Jian’s skin。Not to mention,Really very good。 “Pay attention,I’m going to bed for you。If the trick,Extremely serious problems,Please speak up”The woman said softly。 Xia Jian first responded,Then look up。This female technician just turned […]

Guo Qilin nodded in satisfaction,No matter how unwilling Guo Zijian is,He went straight to the study room upstairs with his assistant and said:“Contact me immediately to Ou Jianhua。”

“Yes!” The assistant looked for Ou Jianhua’s number again and again, while suggesting:“boss,The Ou’s family is only sometimes in power on Hong Kong Island,Let’s just kill the four major societies,Why do you give him face。” “Let you hit,Nonsense!”Guo Qilin said […]

Shi Xulin replied in time。

Wang Yufei glanced sideways at Lu Yuxin,No answer,Shi Xulin continued:“Correct,For example, someone bullied your girlfriend,Even let Lu Yuxin get injured and be hospitalized,But the perpetrator can get away with it for various reasons,Will you incarnate as a justice messenger to […]