then,Shu Ling drank with everyone!

Finally drank too much! Everyone else has,Shu Ling is the only one left。 “Shu Ling……Wake up!” Fang Yu shook Shu Ling’s shoulder。 vomit…… Fang Yu sees a bad situation,I quickly found someone for a bag。 After Shu Ling vomits,Fang Yu […]

Guo Meili laughed and said:“People live in the world,Everyday except tired is tired。Tired,Tired,If you are not tired, then we are no longer on earth。So no matter how tired,It’s all normal。You can finish a bottle of wine in one breath,A small cup,A small glass can also finish a bottle of wine,Then I ask you,What is the meaning of drinking?”

“Of course I was drinking with Mr. Xia”Xi Zhen said,Secretly glanced at Xia Jian。 Guo Meili laughed and said:“now it’s right,We drink to be happy,If you drink like this,I’m lying here in twos or twos,Where is the happiness??” “Damn!I know,I […]

“I do not believe。”Li Tianchou shook his head again,‘Creation’Obviously perfunctory and lying,What the hell is trying?May succeed or fail,But in‘Creation’I’m afraid I won’t even try。

Although the 22nd cosmic era is already broken,But there is still room for salvation,There is no room for mistakes,Regardless of the condition of the other two rough stones,At least he is still,It is impossible to let‘Creation’Success。 “You have no choice。” […]

Xia Jian knew Xue Wanshan would not let them go easily,But he did not expect that he would retain them in this way,This is called ginger or old spicy。one way or another,The purpose has been achieved,Xia Jian and Wang Lin walked back again。

At noon,Xue Wanshan hosted Xia Jian and the others in his private dining room,Ma Xiaoli, the sales director of their company, accompanied,There is also a vice president named Zhang Dongting。It can be said to be a big table full of […]