Xia Jian knew Xue Wanshan would not let them go easily,But he did not expect that he would retain them in this way,This is called ginger or old spicy。one way or another,The purpose has been achieved,Xia Jian and Wang Lin walked back again。

At noon,Xue Wanshan hosted Xia Jian and the others in his private dining room,Ma Xiaoli, the sales director of their company, accompanied,There is also a vice president named Zhang Dongting。It can be said to be a big table full of […]

But surprised is surprised,Mr. Feng kept his eyes on:The American media advertising industry is very developed,I believe there should be some advertisements in newspapers frequently,Newspaper offices can take advantage of this opportunity to advertise Chen Geng to learn how foreign newspapers make money by advertising.——It’s just a job advertisement for a week,One thousand yuan is so light and easy to get,If the advertising business continues,Maybe in the near future,Newspapers can earn thousands of dollars a month by advertising。

In this per capita salary only30The multi-dollar era,Thousands of dollars is a huge sum of money that ordinary people will never see in a lifetime,If a newspaper can make thousands of dollars a month,I don’t know how comfortable it is。 […]


First275chapter Strategic cooperation Heard Chen Geng’s words,Kume Shizhi is not relieved,A heart is actually higher:I do not know now,If we don’t agree to your terms,Ford and Chrysler will probably know? It’s just that this kind of thing can only be […]

For many people,90Russia in the 19th century is truly a golden place,As long as you are bold enough,Fast enough,You can quickly accumulate huge wealth,Divide the property of the country。

Qiao Tianyu never expected,There is also Giordaan among the notorious reformists.! Actually this scene,It’s similar to Qiao Tianyu from the previous life. ———— First0110chapter Appearing in Russia Last life,Qiao Tianyu, who has set foot on the top of Wall Street,Return […]