The doctor screamed out:“okay,okay,The heart beats again!” At this time Chen Xiu also consumed most of his thought power,If you continue to transport it, you will have low blood sugar,I have to faint,Hurry up, stop sending thoughts。 “I should be […]

“Wang Ge。”

“Wang Ge。”Ermao and two gangsters are also here,Say hello to Wang San cordially when you walk over,Smile。 “Sit down,Why stand?smokes,”Wang San took a cigarette and threw it on the table,Turning around and shouting to Chunmei,“Boss lady,Three more bowls of fried […]

Xiang Chen gave Lagong a lot of time for psychological activities,But Lagong may have Xiang Chen’s tolerance,I’m finished with the entanglement, should I tell Lagon some facts?,I haven’t dealt with the similarity between Lagong and Zhu Guosheng.,Lagong has rushed to Xiang Chen。

Almost close to the ground,Whether it’s fighting or fleeing,Xiang Chen asked for the physical function,Far higher than Lagon, who is used to fighting like this。 Avoided a few attacks from Lagong Yinxie,However, Xiang Chen already has several footprints belonging to […]

“Yes,Is the big factory of the big capitalist in the United States,The city is now posting recruitment posters,Educated youth like me and Ermao are preferred,I heard that the monthly salary is 50 or 60 yuan,The educated youths in all districts are going crazy……”

“what?One month’s salary is fifty to sixty yuan?”Zhao Ermao, who was about to brush his teeth and wash his face, suddenly stopped washing his face、I don’t brush my teeth anymore,Put on a padded jacket and run out:“Hurry up!” He understands,Even […]

“India is not preparing to sell from the UK‘Sea Harrier’Carrier aircraft?,”Chen Geng continued:“If the minibus really wants to buy an aircraft carrier,That would be a great opportunity to sell our light carrier-based fighter to India?”

“……” Nicholas·Malinkov feels that he has been subverted:If India buys British“Sea Harrier”Carrier aircraft,We sell aircraft carriers and carrier aircraft to India’s rival minibuses?Nima,Can the business still operate like this?? “Not right,”Nicholas·Malinkov suddenly reacted:“If Indians change their minds,Decided to purchase our […]