“Second brother!You are the one who has read,Why is it unreasonable??I have told you very clearly,The money has been paid to the supplier,You said how can I get it back?”Wang Youcai said not angry。

Wang Youdao does not follow,He cursed loudly:“Wang Youcai!You are a bastard。I already told you about this,We don’t participate,But why do you want to join forces with your second sister-in-law??” “I also told me very clearly,Ersao brought me the money。And I […]

“it is good,OK。”

Three rich people shook their heads and dare not play again,No matter how to change the card,Black peachACEJust follow the stick in Liao Jie.,甩 甩 不 开,It has set this in the masters to hit their group of amateur players.。 […]

Ahao thoughtful,I really admire the weird thinking of my brother,But at the same time very contradictory,so many people,So much effort,What if it’s empty?But Zhang Zhiqiang didn’t give him another chance to hesitate,He stood up slowly,Take another look at the clock,“lets go。I also went to see the excitement,Sit in your car。”

Ahao surprised again,Zhang Zhiqiang will personally follow this kind of thing,It’s really rare,But seeing Brother Qiang’s face,He didn’t dare to ask more。 quickly,The two came out and got on a black Mercedes SUV,Driven by Ahao himself。He made a call before […]

Fu Keen didn’t rush to do it。

There is no idiot for a pirate who can reach his level,This is the real world,One accident is death。 Especially the pirate, who put his head on the waistband。 apart frombigmomAnd Kaido kind of pervert,Everyone else has to give the […]


The doctor screamed out:“okay,okay,The heart beats again!” At this time Chen Xiu also consumed most of his thought power,If you continue to transport it, you will have low blood sugar,I have to faint,Hurry up, stop sending thoughts。 “I should be […]

“Wang Ge。”

“Wang Ge。”Ermao and two gangsters are also here,Say hello to Wang San cordially when you walk over,Smile。 “Sit down,Why stand?smokes,”Wang San took a cigarette and threw it on the table,Turning around and shouting to Chunmei,“Boss lady,Three more bowls of fried […]