“India is not preparing to sell from the UK‘Sea Harrier’Carrier aircraft?,”Chen Geng continued:“If the minibus really wants to buy an aircraft carrier,That would be a great opportunity to sell our light carrier-based fighter to India?”

“……” Nicholas·Malinkov feels that he has been subverted:If India buys British“Sea Harrier”Carrier aircraft,We sell aircraft carriers and carrier aircraft to India’s rival minibuses?Nima,Can the business still operate like this?? “Not right,”Nicholas·Malinkov suddenly reacted:“If Indians change their minds,Decided to purchase our […]

Tacit understanding is most important

Tacit understanding is most important At present, ballroom dance has developed into a popular double dance internationally. Following the rhythm of music, dancers can not only communicate emotionally, but also achieve the purpose of strengthening and keeping fit. Since it […]

Which is better, bitter gourd?

Which is better, bitter gourd? What is “Six Friends in Vegetables”? They are carrots, pumpkins, bitter gourds, tomatoes, garlic, and black fungus. These two dishes each have high nutritional value and medicinal and health care functions. Consuming them in an […]