Finished this matter,Xia Jian walked back happily。Unexpectedly, I bumped into Zhao Shisan who came across。This guy smiled and said:“young people,It’s okay if my oven can’t sell,But wait until next year,Your Lina shop will disappear from Wuying Town“

“Zhang Guolao rides a donkey,Let’s watch while walking!It’s too early to say all this“Xia Jian said disdainfully。He secretly vowed,Wuying Town must not allow such people to exist。 When passing by Zhao Shisan’s department store,Xia Jian couldn’t help but glance inside,I […]

arrive home,When I saw my three babies,Xia Jian’s exhaustion suddenly disappeared。He hugged Dabao and Erbao,But Sambo won’t let him hold,This may be why girls are more hypocritical than boys!

Xia Jian is back,The whole family is very happy。Even Ma Dongshan, who doesn’t usually like to smile, grinned and said:“I said it’s new year,Let’s go back。But your parents disagree,Let’s talk about having fun together” “Why go back?I want to hide […]

Ma Yan took a deep breath and said:“Xia Jian!You know what I think about you。It’s just that I want to remind you,I think Sister Xiao Min is not for you。Not that she is not good,But it’s too good in every way。Of course you are also good,But you are still a migrant worker”

“thank you!I will remember your words。It’s late,I’ll take you back!Oh!I’m going back to Bucheon tomorrow。If you are not angry,You should help hold the key to my house!”Xia Jian quickly changed the subject。 Ma Yan smiled sadly and asked:“Will Uncle Xia […]