239chapter Turned out to be“Pour spring cold”

Chen Geng patiently explained to them:“it means,At the share level,Jialing plant has a joint venture company more than50%Shares of,When the company pays dividends, it is also distributed according to this share,But considering that Jialing Factory is an old military factory […]

Line 2,But just repair one from Rongcheng to eyebrow@The tertiary road of Shanqinglongchang、At the same time, it is advisable to dredge Qinglongchang@Bin section,To ensure that this section of the river is passable even in the dry season50Plans for tonnage inland vessels。

Compared to the whole highway’s Line 1 plan,The investment on Line 2 is obviously much smaller。 “This is what i want to say to you,”Speaking of this,Kelly·Hicks sighed:“Whether it is Bashu Province or several prefecture-level cities along the way,Are trying […]