Ma Yan took a deep breath and said:“Xia Jian!You know what I think about you。It’s just that I want to remind you,I think Sister Xiao Min is not for you。Not that she is not good,But it’s too good in every way。Of course you are also good,But you are still a migrant worker”

“thank you!I will remember your words。It’s late,I’ll take you back!Oh!I’m going back to Bucheon tomorrow。If you are not angry,You should help hold the key to my house!”Xia Jian quickly changed the subject。 Ma Yan smiled sadly and asked:“Will Uncle Xia […]

“Black and white,With your current strength,The certainty of going through the celestial calamity is still great。”Li Ming also said with a smile。

Black and white glanced。 Tribulation,Who can tell?Even Daozu disciples failed to overcome the catastrophe。 She will definitely wait until she is unable to improve,Sect successor,I tried to overcome the robbery after everything was arranged。 After some conversation,Two people sit down,Black […]

“You can’t quibble now,The contract has legal effect,Mr. Liu,Your money should be transferred to us quickly,Before six o’clock tomorrow night at the latest,otherwise,We are going to sue you。”The man in black shook the contract in his hand。

…… At this moment Liu Neng is sitting on the bed in the small hotel,Anxious,Neither want to give money,But I’m afraid that others will come and sue him,It’s not easy for those people,If you really escape,Definitely won’t be better。Liu Neng […]

239chapter Turned out to be“Pour spring cold”

Chen Geng patiently explained to them:“it means,At the share level,Jialing plant has a joint venture company more than50%Shares of,When the company pays dividends, it is also distributed according to this share,But considering that Jialing Factory is an old military factory […]

Line 2,But just repair one from Rongcheng to eyebrow@The tertiary road of Shanqinglongchang、At the same time, it is advisable to dredge Qinglongchang@Bin section,To ensure that this section of the river is passable even in the dry season50Plans for tonnage inland vessels。

Compared to the whole highway’s Line 1 plan,The investment on Line 2 is obviously much smaller。 “This is what i want to say to you,”Speaking of this,Kelly·Hicks sighed:“Whether it is Bashu Province or several prefecture-level cities along the way,Are trying […]