“Besides,You have to take some temper,Here I heard that there is a lot of gangs.,The most important thing is that they have a gun,I know your hard work.,But Kung Fu is also afraid of the truth of the knife, I still know。”

For Han Shanshan’s 嘱,Li Hui also laughs directly:“Big squad leader,You can rest assured.,Now you are my girlfriend.,I said what I have to be low.?” “otherwise,You turn this again and then I high-key.,Will definitely become the first of Zhongjun。” When Li […]

Xu Ruo is full of worry and fear of your own daughter,School phone is always moving,It is estimated to be exploded by the parents.,Xu Ruobai contact wife,The wife is also trying to contact the school.,This will be estimated to be even worse.,Xu Ruo Bing Daughter’s school is located in a low-lying area,And behind the mountains,It’s easy to rain causes mudslides.,Then the rolling wood and the boulder are like the flood like the beast.,Bitten the school’s defense……

Think of these,Xu Ruo’s heart is uneasy。 Zhou Yewei will adjust the doctor’s doctor’s doctor’s advice.,Go to Xu Ruobing,He also learns Xu Ruozhi.,Put your hands behind,Standing straight,Looking at the world outside the window,Zhou Ye remembered that he had encountered a […]

No one else is idle。

The two took advantage of Fang Yu’s avoidance,Pounce directly at Fang Yu! Fang Yu turned around。 Bottom bodyguard,Was directly pressed to vomit blood。 Solved the two。 The other six directly took out the electric baton。 This time,How can Fang Yu […]

For the second type of ability,Li Tianzhen also thought of some solutions,Mainly to communicate and discuss with the gods of the Huoyan Temple,It’s a pity that it’s hard to use in mortal life,Had to stay in one sentence。

The third category is also troublesome,Is a combination of the first two categories,The most typical people are Li Wushuang and the Ma family,But fortunately, there is no stronger and more powerful guy yet,As for‘Nirvana handkerchief’,Li Tianzhen didn’t mention a word,He […]

I slept until seven o’clock in the morning,Xia Jiancai got up。When he went downstairs,Gu Yue’s mother has already prepared breakfast,Once he and Gu Yue finished eating,Walked out of the villa。Where did Xiaoting’s car park long ago,Xia Jian and Gu Yue went up,Xiaoting smiled and said:“General Gu,Gu Dong called me last night,Ask your personal assistant what is going on?”

“The mouths of these guys are too long,It seems that my dad has a lot of eyeliner where I am,How did you answer?”Gu Yue asked Xiao Ting back。 Xiaoting started the car,She smiled and said:“Of course I can’t tell him,I […]

“What can’t go of,I think you should exercise,You said there is a car to travel every day,After that, I just sit in the office,I found that you seem to have gained a little weight recently“Yao Junli said,I lowered my head embarrassedly。

Xia Jian thought for a while,Yao Junli is really good,I really lack exercise recently。If this path is placed in the past,He is really effortless。 Xia Jian gently pulled Yao Junli and said:“Then hurry up,My speed is very fast“ ———— First0792chapter […]

“Liechun,I’m going to find you!”

Liechun startled,Next second,He frowned and looked in the direction of the sound。 After seeing someone not far away,As soon as Liechun was startled, he knelt down on one knee and said respectfully: “Met Prince Lingjing……” (Signed today,Add one more chapter,This […]