So Xia Jian followed Lao Xiao to the living room。Unexpectedly, Xiao Xiao stretched out her tender arm,In front of Xia Jian,She said coldly:“You really don’t think of yourself as an outsider!You have to figure it out,I’m his woman。You say you are like a stalker every day,Is this interesting?”

“Xia Jian!Come in and sit,Talk to me about your new discoveries today”Old Xiao in the living room may have heard Xiao Xiao talking,So he said so。 Xia Jianchong Xiao Xiao smiled and said:“Mad at you,I don’t think of myself […]

Implies‘The Way of King Kong’A stick,Unmatched power,This ancient Pangu chaotic monster leader,Even though the Great Sage Qitian didn’t realize the strongest way,But also reached the threshold of Daojun,One stick can kill a pinnacle of the world。

But fighting against Monkey King,But he is a sword fairy among the best in the entire Three Realms。 “clang~”Void Shuttle,The two eternal levels of Yin and Yang surround now,One black and one white,Firmly guard the strong,Resist the Monkey King’s long […]

“Nothing,It is more and more women around someone.。”The Eastern Yin face is not good at Lin Feng Road:“You are giving me an explanation。”

“this……”Lin Fengnan is smirk。 “how?Explain?”Dongfang Yin laughed at Lin Feng Road:“Ying Yao,Cold,I don’t mind.,But Sakawa Sakura,And the evil?Have you means,Take someone to your bed directly。” “Shedy,this……What I and Sakura,Is such that,I am an accounting,Evil?It is the cold and good,Give me。”Lin […]

As for the cloud,It is put a swing。

“Everyone temporarily,Don’t be so urgent。” “all in all,Don’t take the leader to do what you want to do,Let’s everyone,Don’t destroy the plan!” When the cloud is talking,The people around you each other。 In fact,They feel that there is some […]

“Have a job。”

“Who is the goal??”Asked opposite。 “Hongxing real estate boss,King。”Fang Baishun bite tooth cut tooth。 “knew,Give me three days,Make him disappear。” “it is good。” “Waiting for me。”Opposite to the opposite,Directly happen。 …… provincial capital。 Apartment。 Luohao has no expression of the […]