“In the U.S,An operating system accounts for about one-seventh to one-eighth of the overall price of a computer,But in China,This operating system can account for this price35000Fraction of a dollar in a computer?”Looking at Yan Yuanchao,Chen Geng’s eyes quietly became sharper:“Mr. Yan,Can you answer me?”

“……” How did Yan Yuanchao answer??He can’t answer at all。 “Anyway……Anyway……”The anxious Yan Yuan Chaocha is a bit frustrated:“Anyway, you will never sell it to us cheaply。” 。m. ———— First713chapter It’s you Facing the furious Yan Yuan Dynasty,Li Rui、King of、Lu […]


Chapter 581 I’m a little worried This own action just now,How can I take the initiative?,This,Actually blamed him,He glanced at Qin Feng secretly,Found he didn’t seem to be angry,Just a look of helplessness,A sigh of relief。 “Xiaowen,I know,You are under […]

“Hard to say,Our new chef has a bad temper,In office for half a month,The performance has not been as good as the last chef,Trivial things can cause a scolding……”Xiao Wang shook his head and said,Although he was deliberately exaggerated,But the new chef does like to pick。

“This……What to do?or,I lose some money?”Lao Zhang panicked,He would rather lose money,I don’t want to offend the chef for this kind of thing,If you accidentally lose your job, maybe。 “Hehe,it’s okay no problem!Look over there!”Xiao Wang smiled,Mysteriously pointed to another […]

“India is not preparing to sell from the UK‘Sea Harrier’Carrier aircraft?,”Chen Geng continued:“If the minibus really wants to buy an aircraft carrier,That would be a great opportunity to sell our light carrier-based fighter to India?”

“……” Nicholas·Malinkov feels that he has been subverted:If India buys British“Sea Harrier”Carrier aircraft,We sell aircraft carriers and carrier aircraft to India’s rival minibuses?Nima,Can the business still operate like this?? “Not right,”Nicholas·Malinkov suddenly reacted:“If Indians change their minds,Decided to purchase our […]

After asking,Haven’t waited for Xiao Fan to answer,Wang Mingyang smiled bitterly,Said:“See what silly question I asked,Your ability is far above Qiao Shan,Why can’t I guess his movements??”

Xiao Fan smiled faintly,Wang Mingyang’s flattery has a very good time。 Xiao Fan made a please gesture to Wang Mingyang,Signaled Wang Mingyang to continue。 At this time, Wang Mingyang’s eyes suddenly became a little loose,He doesn’t know where the focus […]

Line 2,But just repair one from Rongcheng to eyebrow@The tertiary road of Shanqinglongchang、At the same time, it is advisable to dredge Qinglongchang@Bin section,To ensure that this section of the river is passable even in the dry season50Plans for tonnage inland vessels。

Compared to the whole highway’s Line 1 plan,The investment on Line 2 is obviously much smaller。 “This is what i want to say to you,”Speaking of this,Kelly·Hicks sighed:“Whether it is Bashu Province or several prefecture-level cities along the way,Are trying […]