Little MacDonald sighed,Did not speak,But he nodded heavily。 Although McDonnell Douglas also made a move,But in general,right now4VThe senior executives of Hanxiang and McDonnell Douglas“Dad’s eldest brother is fighting with second brother,We still don’t want to move forward,It might be […]

They can act as ordinary people,Facing these terrible mutant wasps are strong enough,And He Bu is undoubtedly the boldest among them,The most powerful one,That kid really took Teacher Lu’s words as truth,People can rush into the swarm hunting ground without blinking,Scalpel,Then get in by yourself,This great wisdom and bravery,Everyone is convinced。

“If that kid is lucky,Maybe it can happen!If it’s bad luck,Then I can only blame myself。”At this moment,Maosen is on the sidelines,Interjected。 “Not right,If that kid is unlucky,In addition to confessing bad luck,I also blame your teacher for being so […]

Love House and Wu,Hate the house,He didn’t have a good face for the child she gave birth,Contempt,Although she is also her granddaughter,but,That kind of disgust comes from the bones,Can’t be reversed easily。

But she never thought,The child raised with her acquiescence,He has such a big temper,Will not act like a baby,I’m fighting her everywhere。 Isn’t it fair?If it’s fair,You have no chance to come into this world! But the child is still […]

It’s dangerous here!

Xia Chenglong turned hard from the ground,Gritted teeth,Forcibly suppress the pain in the body。 No matter in any forest,Can’t stay long by the river,Otherwise you will die miserably。 Crawling and rolling into the reeds,Crush the surrounding reeds to the ground,Leave […]

For many people,90Russia in the 19th century is truly a golden place,As long as you are bold enough,Fast enough,You can quickly accumulate huge wealth,Divide the property of the country。

Qiao Tianyu never expected,There is also Giordaan among the notorious reformists.! Actually this scene,It’s similar to Qiao Tianyu from the previous life. ———— First0110chapter Appearing in Russia Last life,Qiao Tianyu, who has set foot on the top of Wall Street,Return […]