First stroke,among them5000Tons of gold are purchased by Russia,Japan is responsible for shipping gold to Moscow,Give it to the designated recipient of Ye Dashuai。

thus,Qiao Tianyu also successfully completed the purchase of the fighting nation5000Task of tons of gold; Second,among them8300Tons of gold returned to the original owner,return**,by**The three major vaults jointly funded the purchase,Japan is responsible for shipping gold to**Delivery of three major […]

But if this is Paris·Hilton said it……

Chen Geng suddenly wanted to look in the mirror:Is there a tendency to turn green on my head?? As for Little Paris·Hilton’s Grandpa Barron·Hilton laughed,He didn’t take the words of his beloved granddaughter at all.。 Also! The unscrupulous childish words […]

“Let’s talk more,Boss,Since you already know everything about us,Then you should know that in order to set up this round,We also paid a great price,So it’s impossible to stop and stop this matter!”

“So the boss,Sorry,Everything else is easy to say,But only to let Mahmud go,Forgive me!” “Yes,I can’t do this!Mr. Joe,Please don’t embarrass us!”Prince Shahid and Monica also expressed their opinions,Collectively rejected Qiao Tianyu’s request。 “Hahaha.”Seeing that my request was rejected by […]

“You can’t quibble now,The contract has legal effect,Mr. Liu,Your money should be transferred to us quickly,Before six o’clock tomorrow night at the latest,otherwise,We are going to sue you。”The man in black shook the contract in his hand。

…… At this moment Liu Neng is sitting on the bed in the small hotel,Anxious,Neither want to give money,But I’m afraid that others will come and sue him,It’s not easy for those people,If you really escape,Definitely won’t be better。Liu Neng […]

But surprised is surprised,Mr. Feng kept his eyes on:The American media advertising industry is very developed,I believe there should be some advertisements in newspapers frequently,Newspaper offices can take advantage of this opportunity to advertise Chen Geng to learn how foreign newspapers make money by advertising.——It’s just a job advertisement for a week,One thousand yuan is so light and easy to get,If the advertising business continues,Maybe in the near future,Newspapers can earn thousands of dollars a month by advertising。

In this per capita salary only30The multi-dollar era,Thousands of dollars is a huge sum of money that ordinary people will never see in a lifetime,If a newspaper can make thousands of dollars a month,I don’t know how comfortable it is。 […]

Xiang Chen gave Lagong a lot of time for psychological activities,But Lagong may have Xiang Chen’s tolerance,I’m finished with the entanglement, should I tell Lagon some facts?,I haven’t dealt with the similarity between Lagong and Zhu Guosheng.,Lagong has rushed to Xiang Chen。

Almost close to the ground,Whether it’s fighting or fleeing,Xiang Chen asked for the physical function,Far higher than Lagon, who is used to fighting like this。 Avoided a few attacks from Lagong Yinxie,However, Xiang Chen already has several footprints belonging to […]