Just walked out more than ten steps,A miserable cry from the forest in front spread throughout the forest,Startled crow、Birds and insects all fly。

Chen Xiu heard this scream,Scalp tingling:“Isn’t Zhu Huiwei finished?!” “wrong,He is a zombie,Copper skin and iron bone,Shouldn’t die so easily,Not to mention no gunshots!” He can do whatever he wants,There is another fire in front of the forest,After that“Crackling”Constant gunfire,The […]

“Wang Ge。”

“Wang Ge。”Ermao and two gangsters are also here,Say hello to Wang San cordially when you walk over,Smile。 “Sit down,Why stand?smokes,”Wang San took a cigarette and threw it on the table,Turning around and shouting to Chunmei,“Boss lady,Three more bowls of fried […]

Xia Jian knew Xue Wanshan would not let them go easily,But he did not expect that he would retain them in this way,This is called ginger or old spicy。one way or another,The purpose has been achieved,Xia Jian and Wang Lin walked back again。

At noon,Xue Wanshan hosted Xia Jian and the others in his private dining room,Ma Xiaoli, the sales director of their company, accompanied,There is also a vice president named Zhang Dongting。It can be said to be a big table full of […]

“Da da da~”

suddenly,There was a sound of horseshoes。 Liu Liu suddenly enlarged his eyes,Stand at attention。 He has kept the goal for many years,Knowledgeable,Naturally know that this sound is not a normal horseshoe sound。 really,He took a closer look。 With dark scales […]

These rioters,Shouldn’t they be all killed?

Shouldn’t let them know the prosperity of the Zulong city state,Let them retreat? Why they can also be called subjects? “She’s a deferment,Don’t believe this woman!!”quickly,A strong bear-like leader among the violent army said loudly。 “She is only one person,It’s […]

“What can’t go of,I think you should exercise,You said there is a car to travel every day,After that, I just sit in the office,I found that you seem to have gained a little weight recently“Yao Junli said,I lowered my head embarrassedly。

Xia Jian thought for a while,Yao Junli is really good,I really lack exercise recently。If this path is placed in the past,He is really effortless。 Xia Jian gently pulled Yao Junli and said:“Then hurry up,My speed is very fast“ ———— First0792chapter […]