Guo Meili laughed and said:“People live in the world,Everyday except tired is tired。Tired,Tired,If you are not tired, then we are no longer on earth。So no matter how tired,It’s all normal。You can finish a bottle of wine in one breath,A small cup,A small glass can also finish a bottle of wine,Then I ask you,What is the meaning of drinking?”

“Of course I was drinking with Mr. Xia”Xi Zhen said,Secretly glanced at Xia Jian。 Guo Meili laughed and said:“now it’s right,We drink to be happy,If you drink like this,I’m lying here in twos or twos,Where is the happiness??” “Damn!I know,I […]

Chen Xiaolan smiled slightly and said:“Winter is coming,I can’t do this job in the snow,In these two or three months,How to arrange the work of our fruit planters,How to pay?Won’t do it less,The salary is not paid, right?!”

“will not!No matter if it blows or snows,Have to go to the ground to check,As long as attendance,Payroll is not wrong”Xia Jian said decisively。 ———— First0924chapter Snowy night North Wind Roar,Sudden weather change。 Xia Jian inspected a few trees in […]

No one else is idle。

The two took advantage of Fang Yu’s avoidance,Pounce directly at Fang Yu! Fang Yu turned around。 Bottom bodyguard,Was directly pressed to vomit blood。 Solved the two。 The other six directly took out the electric baton。 This time,How can Fang Yu […]