Blue:“You can also don’t listen。”

Blueness suddenly doesn’t speak,Silently lying back to the sofa,Pick up the drama,But a word can’t see it.。 “elder brother,you say,Whose car is hitting too grandmother?” He is a little unwilling,His loved ones,How do you have an accident in two?。 Blue […]

then,Shu Ling drank with everyone!

Finally drank too much! Everyone else has,Shu Ling is the only one left。 “Shu Ling……Wake up!” Fang Yu shook Shu Ling’s shoulder。 vomit…… Fang Yu sees a bad situation,I quickly found someone for a bag。 After Shu Ling vomits,Fang Yu […]

“Do not,Ms. Chen did not make an appointment。”

“Then press regulations,Walking the process makes her make an appointment。” “I know,Can……She gave too much.。” “How much is said?,Don’t slow God,Let Ms. Chen come to my office。” “OK。” After a moment,Office door push,A gray windbreaker,Ms. Chen in the inner skirt […]

Finished this matter,Xia Jian walked back happily。Unexpectedly, I bumped into Zhao Shisan who came across。This guy smiled and said:“young people,It’s okay if my oven can’t sell,But wait until next year,Your Lina shop will disappear from Wuying Town“

“Zhang Guolao rides a donkey,Let’s watch while walking!It’s too early to say all this“Xia Jian said disdainfully。He secretly vowed,Wuying Town must not allow such people to exist。 When passing by Zhao Shisan’s department store,Xia Jian couldn’t help but glance inside,I […]