2015 Chilean America Cup Paraguay final 23 player list Barrios selected
On May 28 local time, the Paraguayan Football Association announced a press conference. Coach Ramon Diaz announced the 23-man roster for the Copa America. Among them, 2 were from the Bundesliga and 1 was from Serie A.It is worth mentioning that the former Evergrande foreign aid Barrios also made his wish list.In 2015, a small part of the schedule of the Chilean America’s Cup Paraguay announced the 23-man roster of the America’s Cup as the runner-up of the last America’s Cup. Paraguay has been placed in the death group B.In the same group, apart from South American powerhouse Argentina, it also includes defending champions Uruguay and Jamaica.This time, in the list of 23 people announced by Dias, 1 person comes from Serie A.There are 2 people from the Bundesliga, Nelson Valdes of the retina and Bobadilla of Augsburg.It is worth mentioning that Bobadilla was born in Argentina, but due to Paraguayan descent, he obtained a Paraguayan passport and successfully entered the Paraguayan national team this year.  The former Dortmund striker Barrios had left the Paraguayan national team, but after loaning to Montpellier this season, he finally recovered his long-lost state and became Montpellier’s with 11 league goals.The best shooter in the team.In view of this, Dias also called it back into the team, calling this Evergrande the old will be included in the final list of 23 people.List of 23 Paraguay Copa America: Goalkeepers: Bilal (Colo Colo), Anthony Silva (Medlin Independence), Aguilar (Guarani) Defender: Paul da Silva (Torra)Lucca), Pablo Aguilar (Americas), Cáceres (Old Boy of Newell), Samudio (Mexico America), Pires (Udinese), Bruno Valdes ((Porto Hills), Balbuena (freedom) avant-garde: Victor Caceres (Flamengo), Ortigosa (San Lorenzo), Ortiz (Toluca),Romero (Athletic of Argentina), Molinas (freedom), Arlanda (Olympia), Osvaldo Martinez (Mexico America) Forwards: Santa Cruz (blue cross), Valdes (distance)), Denis Gonzalez (Basel), Raul Bobadilla (Augsburg), Benitez (Toluca), Lucas Barrios (Montpellier)Egypt) Group B opponents in the same group: 2015 Chile America’s Cup Argentina National Team’s latest 23-person roster (final version) 2015 Chile America’s Cup Uruguay 23-person final roster Cavani leads the 2015 Chilean America’s Cup Jamaica National Team’s latest and latest 30-personList (picture)