Chapter 581 I’m a little worried
This own action just now,How can I take the initiative?,This,Actually blamed him,He glanced at Qin Feng secretly,Found he didn’t seem to be angry,Just a look of helplessness,A sigh of relief。
“Xiaowen,I know,You are under the deterrence of this guy,That’s why I spoke to her, right?,rest assured,I am now,He dare not do anything to you,Don’t,afraid。”
When I said this sentence,Liu Manli’s hand shook,This person,Seems to be a fierce man!
“Calculate,Calculate,Nothing now,Don’t talk so much nonsense。”Qin Feng is a little helpless,And this aunt seems to be a Xiucai meets a soldier,Unreasonable。
This issue,He didn’t bother to continue to rip。
Save this chick anyway,It’s just easy,Don’t ask for anything in return。
“Humph。”Liu Manli’s air was restored immediately,Like to win this fight,Be proud。
Just now she just made it,I don’t know why I just can’t see my niece hooking up with this person,although,He just saved his niece。
“What to do now?”Xiao Li asked in a panic,Just now,He was scared into a cold sweat,What happens to the lady?,I have to follow along!
“Call!”Qin Feng hates iron but not steel,Something so obvious,Why don’t you know!
Xiao Li took a look at Qin Feng,Take another look at Liu Manli and Miss,Found that the two of them didn’t say anything to stop,So hurriedly took out the phone,Make a call。
“This one,You have to testify for me then!”
Qin Feng said:“This one,I’m to save your niece,Just give people a click,Don’t just bite me when you wait,Said I was in conflict with you,Then just kill your subordinates directly……”
With Qin Feng’s innocent look,Let Liu Manli feel like thunderous。
This trafficker,Isn’t it just talking about yourself?!
I’m so blind?