obviously,The person here is still Zhu Kun,The boss of Tie Shu was invited to the town by him,Of course not overwhelming。
In fact,In their view,This kind of money to accompany the prince to study is really good,You don’t have to fight to death,Of course it has to be a bit technical,I want Master Zhu to come here,Satisfied,It deserves a sentence“Technical activity,Be rewarded!”
“Hey,Don’t bother me yet!I’m thinking about it,I beat you first,I’ll talk to you when I’m done?Speak first,Would you like to toast,Hit again?”
“Trouble!A rich and civilized person like me,Actually I don’t like to use violence to solve problems。What do you say?”
Good guy,This Young Master Zhu seems to be a great dramatist too!Movie addiction!Blocked people,Let’s not talk about killing,I have to have such an inner drama first,IImpressedU!
Lu Menglin suddenly felt angry and funny,Had to shook his head:“Row,Row!You are sour!I’m scared of you,Have something to say,Get rid of it!”
“Yo!I like your stunned green,Not afraid of the sky!Forget it,Let’s beat it first!Few of you,Beat him until I can speak well。”Zhu Dashao seems to be not patient enough,I’m only allowed to set off the drama,People are not allowed to light up their lights。
With an order from the main customer,Those gangsters immediately surrounded,About to move
Hand Pack Lu Menglin。
At this moment,Wang Xiaopang on the side suddenly shouted with a crying voice:“Don’t do it!You said it’s not hands-on!he,He is Jiang Jinghong’s friend!If you hit him,You are responsible for the consequences!”
The gangsters froze for a while,Unanimously, they turned their eyes to Zhu Kun。
Zhu Kun shook his shoulders,Cold snort:“Can I speak well??That girl from the Jiang family will marry me sooner or later,Who do you think she will listen to?”
Tie Shu’s boss has a cold face,I thought that there really is no good thing to fall into the sky,The money is so hot!
Although he doesn’t know who Jiang Jinghong is,But based on what Zhu Kun said just now,He knew that Jiang Jinghong’s family background was unusual,At least not under Zhu Kun,This is a fairy fight,The people suffer!