thus,Qiao Tianyu also successfully completed the purchase of the fighting nation5000Task of tons of gold;
Second,among them8300Tons of gold returned to the original owner,return**,by**The three major vaults jointly funded the purchase,Japan is responsible for shipping gold to**Delivery of three major vaults;
thus,Qiao Tianyu finally helped**Successfully maintained the position of the world gold trading center,Qiao Tianyu’s hanging heart can finally be let go。
Third,among them1Ten thousand tons of gold was purchased by China Syndicate,Japan is responsible for transporting gold to China Shanghai,Deliver to China Bank of Communications’ treasury。
And once this transaction was introduced,The whole world was in an uproar,Everyone understood Qiao Tianyu’s hard work!
Qiao Tianyu has been fighting in the international gold market for so long,He is not just buying gold for the fighting nation,Or for**Keep the World Gold Trading Center,Qiao Tianyu wants to push Shanghai to the forefront of world gold trading!
This110,000 tons of gold reserves,Also counterattack for Shanghai to become the world gold trading center,Provided the strongest support!
(Digression,After years of strategizing and gold reserves,2002year10month30day,Shanghai Gold Exchange was established in Shanghai,Replacing Zurich and becoming the world’s largest gold spot exchange,Shocked the whole world,Also successfully changed the overall pattern of the entire international gold market!
And the establishment of the Shanghai Gold Exchange,It condenses the hard sweat and unremitting efforts of the patriots of several generations of Chinese patriots,It is they who accumulate gold bit by bit,Only then pushed Shanghai to the status of the world gold trading center!
I would also like to extend to countless patriots who have worked hard for the establishment of the Shanghai Gold Exchange,To pay the highest tribute!)
Fourth pen,among them2Ten thousand tons of gold handed over to the Rothschild family,Purchased by Rothschild Bank,Japan is responsible for shipping gold to London,Handed over to Ramanel。
After arranging these four transactions,Qiao Tianyu went to other things,No more mention of gold,And the Japanese have a burst of joy。
Because Qiao Tianyu arranged to leave just now4.3Tons of gold,At this time, the Japanese have the last1.43Ten thousand tons of gold did not make arrangements。
And that1.43Ten thousand tons of gold is not long ago Lily and Sato Junji“Bullying”,I cheated from Qiao Tianyu’s friend1.43Tons of gold,It seems that Qiao Tianyu has forgotten the existence of that gold。
So the Japanese are happy,Anyway,that1.4310,000 tons is saved,It also left them Japan to start a prairie fire“Single spark”。
But the Japanese won’t be able to laugh soon,Wait for transportation1.43After the 10,000-ton gold transport plane landed,The Japanese accidentally discovered that the gold was inspected before storage,that1.43Ten thousand tons of gold are all gilded iron bars!