There is a “frugal gene” in the sugar friend.

Diabetic friends, maybe you have been wandering in the sea for medical treatment, have eaten all kinds of medicines, have seen all kinds of doctors, but you complain that all drugs have not stopped your pain, but you can’tThe disappointment did not eliminate your troubles and frustrations.
But you should see that there is always a medicine for you in the vast sea of people. There is always a doctor who can bring you hope.
It’s just that you haven’t found him yet, or he hasn’t met you yet.
.hzh {display: none; }  糖尿病人,你有一个好基因  有一件非常重要的事你可能不知道:你本来有一个好基因。  In fact, people with diabetes have a “frugal gene”.
In the ancient times when human beings were separated from the animal kingdom, food was scarce. People depended on hunting and harvesting fruit for a living. They could not guarantee that every day, every meal had food.
Some people can still store food in the form of fat after eating the food. When there is no food, they can consume the stored energy.
The gene that allows energy to be stored is the thrift gene.
Thus, even though everyone is hungry, these thrifty genetically dominant people can survive in harsh environments.
In the end, after thousands of years of natural selection, the surviving people are basically carrying thrift genes.
  Preparing for prosperity In the past, when food was abundant, people no longer worried about being hungry, but energy was still stored as always.
Because you don’t know this thing, you are not ready for the rich life, you enjoy the food, go out and take the car, so you gradually get fat.
  The fat stored in the abdomen becomes a health hazard. Like TNT, they don’t know when they will “explode” – producing high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar, and endangering people’s health.
In general, with diabetes, the average life expectancy will be shortened by 20 years.
So an original good gene turned into a bad thing.
  A person who is prepared for a prosperous life, facing a table of delicious food, will only pick a few foods in a controlled manner, and will create conditions for exercise and fitness for himself, rather than emptyly complaining that time is taken up by the work.
  Just getting sick, you have the opportunity to take no injections. If you are just getting sick, you have to know that you have the opportunity to keep your blood sugar normal without taking medicine for a few years.
  The reason why people suffer from diabetes is because the beta cells that secrete insulin have problems.
It takes 3 years for all the beta cells of type 1 diabetes to die, and 10 years for all the beta cells of type 2 diabetes patients to die.
Therefore, you have a lot of opportunities to restore the function of beta cells.
As long as the use of insulin and other drugs to correct hyperglycemia, only 2 weeks, beta cells can restore function.
Therefore, as long as you treat early, you may not need medication for months or years, but maintain normal blood sugar.
  Long duration, you have the hope to avoid risk Even if you have a long illness, you still have the opportunity to avoid a lot of risks in the process of living with the disease, and live a normal life while treating.
As we all know, diabetes has risks such as stroke and myocardial infarction.
But if you actively treat, these can be avoided.
You should know that after regular treatment, people with diabetes can live as long as normal people, and even live longer, so you should see hope.
  If you are suffering from diabetes, you must not be alarmed, but you must also see hope, and you must not ignore your responsibility.
Fighting the disease is not your own business, it is your responsibility to your wife, husband, parents, children.
  In short, I want to tell you, my friend, on your New Year’s table, with ample hope and full of opportunities.
If you are sick, don’t complain about the environment, don’t complain about life, the key to health is in your own hands.