Old people can often delay aging

Older people can delay doing aging and often do some small brain movements. Some often stop, this action can replace the slowing down of aging.

here we come to find out.

  Older people often do some small health care exercises, which can slow down the speed of brain aging.

  Punch, palm alternate left hand fist, right hand stretched.

  The fingertip points to the left hand small fish (the little finger side of the left fist), then the right hand clenches the fist, the left hand reaches the palm, and the fingertip points to the right hand small fish (the little finger side of the right fist).

So alternately left and right, alternating 20 times in 15 seconds for excellent results, 15 times for good, 15 times for bad.

If the initial results are not satisfactory, you can practice more in the long run.

  搓 alternately take a sitting position, put your left hand on the left thigh, and move forward and backward.

  Put your fist in your right hand and put it on your right thigh.

Such a move, skilled and then change hands.

That is, the left hand replaces the fist.

Place it on the thigh up and down, replace the palm with your right hand, and swing forward and backward on the right thigh.

Such an accurate alternation, with 30 times per minute for excellent results, 20 times for good, 20 times for bad.

  The thumb and the little finger alternately make a fist in the left hand, imitating the thumb, making a fist in the right hand, imitating the little finger, and then changing hands.

  That is, the left hand will withdraw the thumb.

Hold the little finger and re-insert the little finger with your right hand and hold the thumb, so alternate.

It is excellent to alternate 15 times in 1 minute, 10 times as good, and 10 times or less.