This is not right?
Introduced before,Except for a small amount of newly mined gold, the gold traded in the international gold market,Most of it is private wealth gold。
This part of gold is about7About ten thousand tons,And the Rothschild family monopolized it4Ten thousand tons,So the other four gold merchants have the most3Tons of gold!
But in the past month,The other four major gold merchants sold up to3.8Tons of gold,This has far exceeded them310,000 tons of ceiling,Talkative8000Where do tons of gold come from?
To know,The KGB has already investigated,Gold transactions in the last month,Does not involve false transactions or circular transactions,In other words, these golds are real gold,There is no double counting or repeated counting。
Gold cannot be created out of thin air,The only reasonable explanation,It can only be the gold sold by the other four major gold merchants,Partly from the Rothschild family!
A god!
This news is too big!
This means,Last month,The Rothschilds not only sold 20,000 tons of gold themselves,And also provided to the other four major gold merchants8000Tons of gold to attack yourself?
I’ll wipe it!
What’s going on?
Qiao Tianyu felt that Sanguan was hit by 10,000 points again!
It seems that Cui Kai is right,What Qiao Tianyu sees now is not even the tip of the iceberg,The water inside is too deep!
Thinking of Cui Kai,Qiao Tianyu quickly turned around and looked at Cui Kai,And at this time the kid is also looking at Qiao Tianyu with a deep look。
But at the moment when the two eyes met,Qiao Tianyu trembled like an electric shock。