so,It’s really an exaggeration to mention this matter now。
Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan are different,Liu Shanshan can tell,Their bunch of couples,For loving things like warm home,Are very happy to do it。
and so,Just think of this,Liu Shanshan would like to scold Shang Song Haiyang a few words。
but,Doing good deeds is what you love me,Liu Shanshan also understands this truth very well in her heart,and so,In fact, she has no qualifications and no position to blame Song Haiyang or something。
“Song Haiyang,Then tell me,Why can’t you get used to Xiao Fan,They didn’t provoke you from start to finish。”finally,Liu Shanshan still suppressed the anger in her heart,Asked Song Haiyang。
but,Even Liu Shanshan did her best to suppress the anger in her heart,But what she said,Song Haiyang still heard all kinds of dissatisfaction deep in her heart。
but,Even so,Song Haiyang still had a burst of joy in his heart。
after all,Liu Shanshan is still willing to talk to him,Is not it?
As long as Liu Shanshan doesn’t ignore him out of anger,Then everything will be discussed,It also means that I haven’t touched Liu Shanshan’s bottom line。
As long as it is like this,Then everything is fine。
And in Song Haiyang’s opinion,As long as Liu Shanshan is willing to continue to take care of herself,Then I have a way to coax Liu Shanshan’s ancestor。
“Is not,Shanshan,Take a look,I am so big,I dare not say such big things,After all, this heart-warming home is such a big hole,dont you agree?”Song Haiyang said。
When Liu Shanshan heard Song Haiyang, he said that the heart-warming home is a big hole,I was immediately dissatisfied again,With wide-eyed eyes, she looked at Song Haiyang。
Song Haiyang saw Liu Shanshan’s expression,I shook my heart immediately,Before Liu Shanshan,Immediately speak to Liu Shanshan:“Shan Shan,Don’t blame me for speaking badly,My words are not rough,Nuanxinjiayuan opens so many mouths every day waiting for dinner,And as far as Dean Wang said,And invite various teachers to teach them,The daily expenses are so big,That is the bottomless pit of money,About this,Don’t you admit it?”
Liu Shanshan opened her mouth to say something,But I have to admit that what Song Haiyang said is indeed correct.。
She also knows that Heartwarming Home is a bottomless pit that sucks money,There are many places to spend money every day,but,No way,She just can’t let go,She just wants to do what she can for the heart-warming home。