Chen Geng suddenly wanted to look in the mirror:Is there a tendency to turn green on my head??
As for Little Paris·Hilton’s Grandpa Barron·Hilton laughed,He didn’t take the words of his beloved granddaughter at all.。
The unscrupulous childish words of a six-year-old girl,Who can take it seriously?Maybe in the heart of little Paris,“Married”This is almost like buying a Barbie doll。
Barron·Hilton even said to Chen Geng proudly:“Mr. Fernandez,Little paris likes you very much,Little Paris told us a few days ago,She grows up to marry you。”
“Really?”Chen Geng’s face showed just the right expression of surprise,Turned to look at Paris·Hilton,Smiled road:“Miss Paris,Why do you marry me?”
“Because it says on TV that you are the man most American women want to marry,”The little girl said of course:“Since you are the man most American women want to marry,Of course Paris wants to marry you。”
Speaking of here,Little Paris·Hilton said to Chen Geng seriously:“Mr. Fernandez,I am still young,Only six years old,Can’t marry you,But just pass12year,I am full18I can marry you when I’m old,You can wait for paris12Year??”
Hear paris·Hilton’s explanation,Chen Geng couldn’t help but laugh:really,A child is a child。
He looked at little paris,Said with a frown:“but12Years is a long time,What if I meet a girl who really wants to marry during this time?”
Little Paris·Hilton frowned。
Although she is only a six year old girl,But some things have been understood,such as12Year is really a long time,In such a long time,If other women seduce Mr. Fernandez,What can I do?
“In this case……In this case……”