After all, solid-state high-energy batteries are not only a problem of battery capacity,And security、Durability、Multiple problems of environmental adaptability need to be solved。
Now I can only say that the most critical problem has been solved,The next problem will definitely be solved,But only with eight students in the project team,Will inevitably slow down the progress of the entire project,It just so happens that the quantum brain laboratory and manufacturing workshop are still in preparation,Wang Yufei decided to focus on this project first。
Changxiang Technology has a ready-made laboratory in the headquarters building。
Since the eight projects of Brain Machine Society were approved,The company has already begun preparations for eight related project laboratories。
The funds are directly deducted from the R&D funds given to the project。
General tests can be done directly in the relevant laboratory of the school,Some key project trials,Will be arranged in the company headquarters。
Now the entire project has entered a critical stage that requires confidentiality,Naturally all arranged in the laboratory of the headquarters。
The only trouble is that Huaqing has entered the exam season。
For the group members of the Brain Machine Society,I have to be distracted from exams,Naturally, there is not so much time for the project。
Fortunately, researchers in the company are still easy to find。
Wang Yufei can also ask Brother Cao and the brothers and sisters from the Brain Machine Society to help。
Although the professional is not right,But for these researchers who spend their days in the laboratory,Getting started in the laboratory is nothing more than being familiar with instruments and equipment。
Various equipment in the laboratory have extremely detailed instructions and operating specifications,Although many of them are in English,But for those graduate students who are already used to dealing with foreign equipment、For doctoral students, these are all pediatrics。
It just happened to have just finished talking with these brothers and sisters in the laboratory,Everything works just fine。
So after sighing about the magical physique of the Emperor,Wang Yufei ran back to the Brain-Computer Research Institute for the first time,I went to the office and found Professor Gao。
Although I have greeted Lao Gao before,But this is the second day,Naturally, I still have to say it first。
“Professor Gao,The brothers and sisters on this list,I’m going to enjoy the technology report tomorrow。”
Wang Yufei handed the list that he had prepared to Gao Deyuan。