The two looked at each other,No more words,But went to their respective locker rooms。
They went directly into the elevator as soon as they came out,Waiting for the underground parking garage,Xia Jian went out first。Lin Wei followed him closely。If the big underground parking garage,Appears extremely quiet。When they walk around,Rustle’s footsteps echoed,Sounds scary。
May be the reason for the low season,There are few vehicles in the underground parking garage,Didn’t go far,Xia Jian saw his big run,He just walked to the car,Suddenly a sound of footsteps came over。
“Mayor Xia!You haven’t been down for so long,Did you feel happy in the hotel room??”A somber voice came。
Xia Jianmeng turned around,Not far from him,Chen Feng walked down from a commercial car,Behind him were four men who looked like。
Before Xia Jian came back,Just listen to a crash,The van door on the side was pulled open,More than a dozen yellow hairs jumped from under the car。
“Don’t be foolish,There are cameras in this parking garage,Don’t even want to run if something happens”Lin Wei trembling,Shouted loudly。
Chen Feng stepped forward,Eyes fixed on Lin Wei’s chest and laughed:“Really big brains,I’m hitting people here,Can these cameras still work??Stop talking about this,I’m afraid not even one person will come down at this moment”
“You fucking shameless,Deal with me alone,Do you need to call me so much??”Xia Jian said,One press remote key,Open the door,Push Lin Wei up,Then close,Then pressed the lock button。He moves quickly,Almost in one go。
Chen Feng suddenly laughed:“take it easy!For hatred and women,I pay more attention to hatred。Xia Jian!The humiliation I have suffered from you before,I want to get them all today”
“You are such a fucking bastard,You just tell me,What humiliation did i give you?”Xia Jian said that he took a step forward。He didn’t want to hurt his big run when he was fighting。
Chen Feng smiled,Suddenly lowered his voice and said:“If it wasn’t for you to intervene,Chen Xiaolan, I already got it,I’ll keep this account for you,And Hongchuan River Hot Spring,You can’t beat me lightly。Even if I don’t kill you today,I want to kill you too“
“You fucking beat me to death,If it’s just disabled,You can’t run away。Maybe I will spend the rest of my life inside“Xia Jian deliberately told Chen Feng that he was afraid。
Chen Feng said with a smile:“You think i’m a fool,I am disabled, can you still leave evidence?Who can judge me without evidence。and also,Wait for you to move,I’ll clean up the beauty in your car“Chen Feng laughed wildly,Suddenly waved。
Several men behind him swarmed up,Formed a semicircle against Xia Jian。At this time,The door of a car was also opened at this time,Xi Zhen jumped out of the car,She wore a full sportswear,I also held a wooden stick in my hand。
“Hi!You fucking gave me a helper,But it doesn’t matter,One more woman can only make Lao Tzu enjoy more after a while“Chen Feng said fiercely,Poke from bottom to top with middle finger,Made a dirty move。