“real or fake?”
Suspicion,I saw Chen Xiu keep closing his eyes and listening to the dice bumpiThe sound of the dice cup,His serious look doesn’t seem like bragging,Have to wait patiently。
Chen Xiu listened to more than ten in a row,The law of this new dice has already been drawn,Open your eyes and say confidently:“okay!”
The torturer still doesn’t believe it,Can’t help but ask again:“real or fake?”
“Hehe……Is a mule or a horse,I’ll know if I pull it out for a walk。I’m going to win the casino, people who doubt life!”
Chen Xiu led the torturer and strode down the stairs,I came to the gaming table and shouted:“God of Gamblers is here,Get a little bit!”
The gamblers and croupiers saw that he was well dressed,Although he didn’t know it was his breath“God of Gamblers”True or false,But at least a rich man,Subconsciously let go。
Only Huang Zhiming glanced at Chen Xiu,Said disdainfully:“God of Gamblers?Big tone,Don’t lose doubt about life later!”
Chen Xiu cast a glance at Huang Zhiming,Don’t talk much,Touched,But I felt empty。
He has a pocket of space,All inside are the best Qi Gathering Pill and various medicines,If you take out the best Qi Gathering Pill and gamble in this small gambling shop,Doesn’t arouse Huang Zhiming’s suspicion。
Chen Xiu turned around and said to Xing Dao:“Going out to bring money,Give me a piece of gold。”
Everyone was laughing,Among them, Huang Zhiming laughed the loudest:“What kind of big head if you have no money!”
He said directly to Chen Xiu with a piece of gold:“Lord rewards you,Have been hidden for you,Get out of here!”
Chen Xiu is not angry,Took the gold and threw it directly at the gaming table“Big”Word above,Said:“I’m the platoon in our villageiThird place gambler,Follow me to buy if you want to win,Believe it or not!”
“I really don’t believe it!”