This man approached the table,I found myself sitting at the end of the table,Frowned,Told Wright:“you,Give me a place。”
The smile on Wright’s face was frozen,Cecilia’s pretty face is as cold as frost,And the gray-haired woman opposite them frowned。Present(Bright side)Is the only third level 9 powerhouse,The status of the ordinary ninth-level powerhouse is naturally far lower than the sanctuary,Making a position is the basic operation!However, he can be invited by Gaskell and other veteran sanctuary to destroy Hamlin,Can intervene in the battle between sanctuary,What a proud person they are!
Cecilia transforms into a sanctuary,Wright is able to directly fight against Sanctuary,The gray-haired girl is worse,But the ninth-level wind master,Very strong auxiliary means。
“What are you doing,Go back!”The bald man snorted coldly,It took him nearly 300 years to enter the sanctuary,to be exact,Is a special opportunity,Change his vindictiveness。Although in the sanctuary,He can only be regarded as an extremely weak one,If it wasn’t for a real big man’s invitation,He will also take time to consolidate and improve the state。But even more because of this,When he faced the ninth-level strong,More willing to enjoy that kind of authority。
He didn’t notice,Gaskell、The weird smiles on the faces of veteran sanctuary powerhouses such as Koland。
Wright stood up,Bald man showing his face‘Should be so’’S smile,But didn’t pay attention to the meaning of anger in Wright’s eyes。
Wright did not give way to the bald man,Instead, he nodded gently to Gaskell:“Sorry,MS Gaskell,I may be delayed a little bit。”
Wright started。
Bald man,With an expression of disbelief,It’s just to let him make a position,A ninth-level powerhouse in a mere daring to attack himself。of course,He thinks that Wright has the guts,Maybe it’s because there are so many strong people here,Think he dare not kill。
“I really can’t kill you directly,But ruin your grudge,It’s okay to lose your future!”The bald man grinned with a sneer thought。
Wright’s palm slapped on the bald man,The bald man let out a cold snort,Open the vindictive shield,From him,Attack of the ninth-level strong,It’s impossible to break this trick,The promotion from level 9 to sanctuary is essential。
“puff!”In the stunned eyes of the bald man,Just a moment,My earthy yellow vindictive shield was pierced by this palm。He raised his fist to fight back,But I feel heavy,As if caught in the mire of space。
Of course with his sanctuary level grudge,Of course it can be easily broken,But this moment of delay,This palm has been photographed on his body,And this is just the beginning。
The bald man was repulsed heavily,Hit the floor of the room,Dust on the ground,
Wright has a weird smile on his face,This bald man is weaker than he thought,Can’t even talk about ordinary sanctuary。