At the moment that escaped,But I haven’t thought about how to face this man.。
Rayling is indeed a very good person,A place where people live,Packed clean,Others are the same,Every appearance in front of her,It’s all kinds of clean and self-contained attractions.。
She also damn inexplicable。
Rayling’s eyes have always seen her thousands of changed looks.,Be happy,Worry,Envy,I am also happy,Is there no love to him。
He step by step by step.。
Lu Sisi looked at him approached,Her heart refers to the eyes of the voice,Watching him looking at him, looking at himself and profound scorpion。
“What do you want to do??
Don’t come over。”
See him,It seems that you have to kill yourself.。
Rayling evil spirits pulled the lips,“What?
Think,What do you think I will do with you??”
Lu Si still looked at him with a blank,Gaze,Don’t look straight to his dark black,She will refund one step by step,In a nervous situation,She is dead in her handsBSuper single,Until to the corner,Have a road to retreat,She is more nervous。
The smile on Rayling face is getting smiling and smiling.,Didn’t you escape now??
Night,They are crazy,He wants her several times.,He rarely touch women,The only first time,Give his first love girlfriend,And his girlfriend is not the first time,at last,She betrayed himself,Still in love,Her foot of two boats。
At that time he had just started,Very busy,Ignore the feelings of each other。
Later she left,He discovered,I love that woman,Not very deep,even,Know that she is betrayed,He also used the time to forget the woman.。
But Lu Si is different to him.,He has moved Lu Si,Move away。
Because there is a betrayal,He also became an indecisive thing about feelings.。
but,For Tsii,There is an imagi that cannot be lettaked.,first,It is indeed that Lu Si is drinking.,Fall into the ground,He raised her moment,There is a kind of restraining impulse。
the second time,How much did they drink?,He has been crazy in love with her。
so,When I opened my eyes that morning,Didn’t see her,When she knew she fled back to the Yangtze River,He is anger。
He thought she would let her be responsible.,He is also preparing to be responsible to her,But she fled with him.。
He did not chase,Just want to give each other some time。
Lei Ling has a hand stretched out,Siji surrounded,Deep smart scorpion stares on her。
Lu Si is close to the lips,Red lip glaze,That’s the pen,Let her face more charming。
Lei Ling looks finely looked at her face.,Laugh,“Think,Fault can be changed,That missed it??
Can you encounter??”
He said,Extend another hand,Gently depict him for half a month, the soul of the dream,Half a month,It’s enough to let him want to understand a lot of things.。
Today’s morning,He is sitting on the plane,I want to take her back.,Let her become their own bride。
Lu Si is shorter.,Want to avoid him this pose。
“you you”Lu Si looked at Lei Ling for a long time,I can’t say a complete word.。
“hehe”Rayling low laughed,“What’s wrong with me?