Next step,We must make a clear check,Do you have this disease?。As long as the hormone level inside the blood is knew。Director said with Ms. Sun。
Plasma aldosterone concentration、Uroated monoxide concentration,Because the concentration of aldosidone in the body is affected by the position,The aldosterone concentration is low when the lying position is low.,The aldosterone concentration is high when the position is,So, you should be in Ms. Sun.、Lift blood。
Also checked renin、AngiotensinIILevel,These two hormones are associated with aldosterone concentrations,These hormones are closely related。Thyroxine,thyroidBSuper also done。Because hyperthyroidism can also cause low potaemia muscle weakness。Director said。Don’t forget to investigate,This is a lesson。
Do hormone check,Further adrenal glandCT。Director said。Hormone level can only show that the hormone in the body is really high.,But what is caused by elevated,It is a neat gland tumor,Orgive,Or there are other problems,Still needCTTo further confirm。for example,Now there is a group of secret killer aldosteone on the rivers and lakes.,We as a decent person,I can only find these killers.,I have to find their old nest.,Take their old nest,Only。Where is this old nest??It is only one training ground.,Still there are several separate files,Can only rely onCTCome,CTCan see a problem with the adrenal adrenal,Still there is a problem on both sides,Tumor is one or more,Unclear,Can you cut off,It is very important。
Director’s metaphor,Ms. Sun suddenly understood。
There was a result.,Plasma is significantly increased in the plasma,Diagnosis of aldosterone increased disease。
At that time, the drug was used.,This medicine is specifically antler.,The function of aldehyde isonate is a sodium potassium potassium,The spironolactone is exactly the opposite,Is sodium potassium potassium。
afternoonCTThe result is there.。
Sure enough,Ms. Sun has a small tumor on the left adrenal gland.。Tumor is not very big,Probably diameter0,7。If not high resolutionCTNot easy to see。
It is estimated to be aldosterone tumor。Because this tumor is present,Result in increased aldosterone secretion,Thereby causing a series of issues,Including blood pressure rose grandson officially diagnosed with high blood pressure,Previously available,Just not diagnose、Hypokalemia、Weakness。
Water falls。
Not a brain,Not a geometry weakness,Not hyperthyroidism,Not horizontal muscle solubility,But the aldosterone caused by this aldosterone tumor。
Director joked and said,You can buy lottery tickets.,So how many high blood pressure,roughly has10The person is because of the higher blood pressure caused by aldosterone.,This kind of high blood pressure is controlled with antihypertensive drugs.,Only use of the spironolactone,Or cut off tumor surgery。
director,Is this tumor vicious??Will not transfer?Ms. Sun husband is most concerned about this problem。
It looks like an adenoma,It can be said that it is a benign tumor,As long as surgery can cut off,The problem is not big。But there are also very little possibility of aldosteone cancer,Cancer is malignant,Specifically requires surgery to cut out to do pathological organization inspection。
God bless,Be sure,Not cancer。Ms. Sun Mind。
This time I am going to make sure you.,The operation was successfully completed.,The pathological result is a benign adenoma。
All happy。
The blood potassium from Ms. Sun, the blood, has been added to normal.,Physical strength has been restored。
NS。Maybe you are really this disease.。Not necessarily the disease of your neurology。
Neurologist, haha, laugh,That’s like,Also don’t go to our department,Still to the endocrine department?
Then go to the endocrine department.,I don’t think about it tonight.。The emergency is touched, and the top of the hair is smile.。
These dialogues are of course the place where the patients and their families can’t hear.。
Walk away the neurology,I called the endocrine doctor.。
Ms. Sun has seen two consultations in a short time.,Faint feel worried,This will not be a tricky disease.。
The endocrine doctor listened to the illness,Nod,Said this situation does not consider the protox(Primary aldosterone increase)possible,If you don’t process it in time,In case of respiratory muscles in case of patients,Respiratory failure,That’s trouble.。
Ms. Sun heard this,Suddenly I feel that I have a breath.,Faceful。
Emergency doctor see,Say we have taken emergency measures.,Already added to your replenishment,Generally don’t have big problems,Don’t worry too much,Cooperate with us。