“Didn’t you send someone to follow me??Don’t you see?”
Leo knew someone was following him when he first left,He doesn’t mind,Anyway, they are my own。
That little brother probably took the influence of the phone worm to film the process of his and Lei Li’s hands-on。
Little things。
“That’s Raleigh,The pinnacle of existence on the sea!”Seren couldn’t help being horrified。
One Piece Roger is very strong,There has been a One Piece in these hundreds of years,And as the deputy captain,Raleigh is as powerful as Roger。
There is a concept of deputy captain in One Piece,But most of the time there is a big gap between the deputy captain and the captain。
Such as the current Four Emperors,Whitebeard and Marko,That gap is not so big。
The same three plagues and Kaido,Four stars and aunt,The gap is very big。
Three calamities plus four stars plus seven stars are not enough。
but,There are exceptions,Shanks and Ben Beckman are,There is basically no difference between their captain and deputy captain。
The red-haired Pirates are actually very strong,Maybe the red hair’s own strength is a little bit worse than the other three emperors,But he has Ben Beckman,The Pirate Group as a whole is much stronger than the other three emperors。
This is why red hair can be ranked as the four emperors by relying on a boat,Because Redhead and Roger are both taking the elite route。
That’s why the redhead dared to yell at the top of the war that I would fight with you,His pirate group is really strong。
“That’s the deputy captain of One Piece who only appeared in hundreds of years,Even the current four emperors don’t necessarily get anything cheap in his hands!”Seren said here,Can’t help but look at Leo。
The four emperors are not necessarily able to take advantage of Raleigh,Leo was able to face him head-on for half an hour。