From December 2nd to 3rd, the Humanities Exchange Forum in Beijing was held in Beijing with the theme of "Promoting the Sustainable Development of Human Exchange Foundation Sustainable Development".

More than 150 representatives from the BRIC countries were in line with the line of online, the "promotion of cultural arts and civilizations", "Strengthening the Connectiveness of the Media Exchange", "Working with the Youth Dialogue to Coping with the Communist Challenge".

The delegates said that the BRIC countries should strengthen human exchanges and promote private exchanges and promote mutual trust. The cooperation between BRIC countries will continue to further benefit the five countries, benefiting the people of the world.

  Muhammmad Safar, Secretary-General of China’s Economic and Cultural Promotion Association, said that there is a long history between BRIC countries, and culture is an important partner in BRIC countries.

The parties need to jointly act, and make more efforts to promote bilobed humanities exchange. The original deputy director of the European and American Division of the South Africa International Relations and Cooperation, said that in the face of global challenges, the only solution is to strengthen consultations in dialogue and carry out international cooperation. "The BRIC is committed to expanding human exchanges and continuously providing new platforms for other fields through humanities exchange," Brazilian actor Lucelia Santos said that humanistic exchanges play an important role in promoting national cooperation effect. It is expected that the BRIC countries further promote multiculturalism and mutual truth, and promote tile cooperation to achieve more fruitful results. Tamarra Casia Nova, director of the Beijing Russian Cultural Center, said that through the forums and activities held under the national cooperation mechanism of BRIC, the people have the opportunity to have access to movies, music, drama and ballet performances with different cultural heritage. Understanding other national cultural art fields.