On November 16, Chongqing Changshou District Xinguan Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters announced that the Changshou District was relieved from the time from November 17th, the sealing area, control area management measures were released.

  There are 15 released sealing zones.

15 activity places in the positive testing personnel and "regional closed, not postparted home, service home" requirements. Specifically include: Shuanglong Town Government Organ Building, Oxford Qiya Kindergarten, Saifu Plate (1-2, Building 39, Ancient Town), Samsung Temple, Gu Town ), The book is also burned into the grass (ancient town Wanshou Square), Jin Mujia Barbecue (1st Floor, Century Square), 1st Group of Toyo Toy Store (Century Plaza), 17 Central Park Community, Near Central Park Community Meng face master, wealth supermarket, chicken juice rice noodle, dress fresh supermarket, rookie station and fast treasure station (Central Park 2). Unlike 1 control area. Lension Central Park Community First, Second Group Control Measures and "People do not come out, strictly forbidden to gather". Automatic release area is automatically released.