White-collar easy to gain weight recommended professional weight loss method Daquan

After bathing with sea salt massage, use sea salt, massage the abdomen 50 times around the navel clockwise, then massage 50 times counterclockwise, then massage the hands up and down 50 times.

Sea salt can be enough to promote the body to discharge waste, while at the same time promoting temporary metabolism, supplementing the skin with the minerals needed to make the abdominal skin firm and firm.

Stick to 1-2 months, you will find that the waist is getting smaller!

Abdominal breathing Abdominal breathing can not only stimulate the peristalsis of the stomach, but also promote the discharge of the stool in the body, while accelerating the burning of the abdominal adult.

Every day, when using each nest to watch TV on the sofa or lying on the bed before going to bed, do a ten-minute abdominal breathing: use the nose to slowly and inhale, feel the abdomen gradually bulging, keep breathing for a few seconds,Then slowly exhale from the mouth, you can feel the slowness of the abdomen is a depression.

Note that 5-6 times of abdominal breathing per minute is enough.

Focus on the undulations of the abdomen while breathing, and you can see the effect for a month.

Turn the gymnastics on the bed, put your hands on the chest, lie on the bed, cling to the bed back and forth, the legs should be slightly curved, the head and upper body turn to the right side, while the legs turn to the right, after a few seconds of pause, the head and upper body turnRight, the legs turn to the left, repeat this action for 1-2 minutes, you will feel the abdomen slightly start to heat and sweat.

Stick to it, many will receive the thin waist effect you want!

Drinking at least two liters of water a day is an important element in maintaining body fluid balance. Its function is to accumulate and absorb good substances and transfer waste in the body. Therefore, it is necessary to absorb more than two liters of pure water a day.

The best time to drink water is to have a drink before going to bed and get up early at noon. When you drink water, drink slowly and don’t drink it all at once, because the water that is finished in one breath will not stay in the body for a long time.It turns into urine and sweat.

Massage the lower abdomen during the day, most of the slimming men and women are not busy with work, is busy with classes, less time to pay attention to the weight loss plan.

Maybe you will refuse to have time to exercise, but even if you are busy, you have to squeeze out 5 minutes to massage your stomach.

Massage the stomach can enhance the digestive function of the stomach, promote bowel movements, effectively prevent the occurrence of constipation, thereby reducing excessive excess meat accumulation.

The massage step is actually very simple. First, put the palms of your hands close to the waist and put them on the waist. Then squeeze them from the sides to the middle and massage them. When reaching the middle part, they will be smoothed on both sides of the net.

Go back and forth for 5 minutes.

If you feel that the skin is too dry, you can also rub some auxiliary products such as slimming essential oils, slimming creams.