“This……What to do?or,I lose some money?”Lao Zhang panicked,He would rather lose money,I don’t want to offend the chef for this kind of thing,If you accidentally lose your job, maybe。
“Hehe,it’s okay no problem!Look over there!”Xiao Wang smiled,Mysteriously pointed to another refrigerated truck next to him。
“That is the car to be transported to the Nanshan Freezer Warehouse,There are many ready-made ice cubes in it,Let’s do a trick for the civet cat for the prince,Isn’t it wonderful?”Xiao Wang pulls Lao Zhang aside,Showing that he wants to solve the problem for him。
“It’s not good……”Old Zhang’s heart moved,Pretending to be hesitant。
“it’s okay no problem!Even if something happens,It’s also about Nanshan,Moreover,Over there is the warehouse,At that time, the person who went to the warehouse to fetch the ice saw that this piece of ice was unqualified,Definitely won’t be in the car,The end result is that this piece of ice has been hoarding in the warehouse,No one will find out!As long as you don’t say,I will not say,No one will know what happened here!Uncle Zhang!Come to help,While the driver borrowed the toilet and didn’t come back!”Xiao Wang rolled up his cuffs and started to act。
Half an hour later,The driver borrowing the toilet drove on the road without knowing it……
This night,Along Ahu’s tragedy happened more than once。
And far in the northeast173Group headquarters,Top Floor of Group Building,President’s office,A young man in a gray and black striped suit stands at the desk,Bend down towards the camera respectfully。
“Reply to the Northern Lord,The vehicle has been robbed,Treasure was robbed as scheduled。”Young man report back。
“Ok,This thing is done well。”
On the other side of the video, the connection was disconnected after just saying like this,Until the video is disconnected ten minutes thick,The young man straightened up,The handsome and resolute face is full of confidence and arrogance,It’s like two people with just a low voice。
“Young master,I don’t understand,Why does the Beizhen cultivation circle take so much trouble,Just to let a piece of Xiuzhen Bao logistics into the hands of casual repairers?”An elderly man who looked like a housekeeper stepped forward to turn off all electronic devices in the office,Then raised my doubts。
“That Xuanbing Demon Blade needs to be poured with the blood of countless cultivators to exert its true power,Beizhen’s approach is to raise the demon blade with the blood of loose repair,But if you send the Demon Blade to San Xiu directly,Will cause doubt……Ha ha,The mobs don’t even think about it,If it is not deliberately done by the cultivation circle,Based on their cultivation,Do you really think you can win treasures from orthodox practitioners??”The young man taunted。
“but,Scattered distribution,Once the demon blade flows into the loose repair,Can the Cultivation Circle really recover it afterwards??”The old man has doubts。