Mu Feiyan took a look at Beigong,Smile:“If someone else,My Mu family is going to fight,But this time I should give Xiao He a face,It doesn’t matter,There is so much business anyway,Can’t finish。”
Among the four major families,Two big families have already publicly stated their opinions,Hu Su Huqi and his son suddenly seemed to have taken reassurance,Full of confidence in their own future。
“I have no objection!Don’t just increase the price at that time。”At this moment,Northeast corner of the banquet hall,There is a guy who has been eating,Finally put down the dishes in my hand,Raised his head and smiled。
This chubby young man,A pair of small eyes,Greasy eating,No image at all,But the vast majority of people present did not dare to underestimate him。
the reason is simple,Because his surname is Ding,Name,He is the descendant of the Ding family among the four major families in Hongliucheng,His grandfather,Is one of the three elders of the city government,Ding Dian。
With the approval of the three representatives,The one from the Qin family didn’t say anything at all,Anyway, he himself does not have these three more qualified to represent the family,Not to mention making a boat,You don’t have to take humiliation。
Hu obtained the cooperative production and sales rights of the tortoise shell,This business is already solid,No one can shake it。
Chapter VIII Sacrifice call
“Hero brother,There is another way?I also want to have a hero like you!”Mu Feiyan suddenly blinked those big beautiful eyes,嘤嘤Tao。
Everyone has been stimulated enough today anyway,Don’t care there is more,Close your eyes one after another,Looking at He Bu and his hero Lu Menglin eagerly。
Lu Menglin smiled slightly,道:“There is another way,Sacrifice。”
“At the moment of killing the dark monster,I can use mystery,Use the life of a monster to sacrifice to another world,In exchange for a chance to summon。But the creatures that are summoned are random,I can’t guarantee that it must be a human hero like me,Maybe another race,But at least there is a chance。”
This remark,All the gods and nations present are lost in thought。
In their impression,This kind of sacrifice with the life of a dark monster,There seems to have been in the history of the god nation,It’s just too old,Has become blurred。
“If you want to invite you to do such a sacrifice,What kind of remuneration need to be paid?”Bei Gongwang suddenly raised his head,Asked with piercing eyes。
Lu Menglin said in his heart,Ha ha!Finally there is a clear-headed guy,Started to cooperate actively。