“correct,Last night I met Yuan Baotian at the dish of the dish.,His dark black hand,I want to kill you and Xiao Yu。not only that,Yuan Baimen martial arts,Just following the blood of the blood,Jinzhong hood,Now the knife gun is not entitled。”
“so smart,Then what is he now??”
“At least half of the year。”
Nodder,At present, the Raiders Raiders of Jiu Biki and Pheasant,Didn’t think about the nine evil,Lying in half a year is very good。
“Dragon,You have something wrong with you.,Big problem。”
“Jiege please talk。”
“You should not let three people people meet,Just like three girls at the same time,Separate fraud and gather together,Difficulty is not true,I have experience in this regard.,I will not be wrong.。”Liao Jie shares experience road。
Chapter 373 Life will often accompany the absence and leave
“Don’t matter,Yuan Baotian wants to lie in the first half of the year?!”
“Do not,not that simple,I suspect that he will hurt tonight.。”
Liao Wenjie,Remind:“Yuan Bawa’s move is very problematic,If I have not guess wrong,Yuan Bazhen is not just that the wicked is so simple.,There is still someone behind him.,And it’s rushing you.。”
“You are saying that God in the sky……”
Emason, the sky refers to:“They see me in the world.,Terrifying gambling,Therefore, use the yin,The stealing contacts Yuan Baotian?”
“wrong,No reason。”
Emptometened frown:“I have given up gambling,Don’t worry,Why do they have one more?,I can’t do it.,Simply see that I am not cool,So I want to teach me by Yuan Baotian’s hand.?”
“Unclear,But do not exclude this possible,One said one,Purely,Non-subject,You really quite quite。”
Liao Wenjie nodded,And then supplement:“Yuan Ba Tian is lying in bed for a year,There is no day drop in the ground.,It will be hit by the mysterious man.,Impossible to happen in trouble。Suddenly practicing a gold bell,I said that he has been a year of a year.,Takened the two veins,Do you think it is credible??”
“Yuan Bazhen is so ugly,Definitely impossible,Replace it with me is almost。”
“Um,I think so。”
“Jie Ge,Listen to you so much,I think it is necessary to check who Yuan Baimin is who is.。”
Emptomery frowning,With his understanding of the gods of the sky,Behind Yuan Baotian is absolutely another person。
Heaven,Year a year,He has actively recognized,Acknowledgment,Waiting for him to finish three,The gods have complaints and complaints.,Some is the chance to step on him.,No need to rush to a moment。
Moreover,Even if you can’t wait,Never guess the hand of Yuan Baotian。
Nine-life wicked is one of the gambling,Three days gambling time has not ended,Stealing contact Yuan Bazhen is right in cheating,Various excuses to give him a failed,The fairy is essential,Will not commit this low-level error。
Who would it??
Emptic breathing,People who feel that they are guilty is too much,Look at,Heaven’s underground is a suspect。
Liao House。
Liao Wenji is in the pool of liquid nitrogen special effects,Hand with the edge of the bath,Looking up to the night sky in the night sky。
Emptive episodes in advance,Put down all distinions,Prepare to use the people who come to see the world and three people,When he made this realization,He has succeeded。
After all, it is a dragon Luohan.,Even without mana,There are also far-growing wisdom and perseverance,Liao Wenjie is very good to him,Single is a thick face,There is no reason to be able to lose。
Thus,The road to refining is almost the same.。
法海 那 那 无,20 years practice until half ahead,His understanding may be a lot of emperor.,But far more and more people in other practice.,Provincial province is so late.。
The road of refining is not ending immediately,I want to come to 80% and the evil spirits,Now I will investigate Yuan Baotian,It is not far from the truth.。