Lan Youmeng hasn’t spoken yet,Augustus on the side answered first。
Augustus has a serious look,But Kesley didn’t care at all about Augustus’s euphemism.,Instead, I still watched the fighting scene in the arena below with interest。
“Duke of Kesley,I have to remind you again,It’s dangerous here,Not suitable for you to stay here for a long time。”
Lan Youmeng’s tone is slightly anxious,Once again gave a hint to the Duke of Kesley,It’s just that Duke Keisley still doesn’t care much。
Walk and watch leisurely,The gaze of the Duke of Kesley also wandered back and forth between Augustus and Lan Youmeng.。
“Remember your responsibilities,Is to protect my safety,Instead of dictating my decision,Am I simple enough??”
The Duke of Kesley smiled at Augustus and Lan Youmeng,Then it seemed to lose interest in something,Very frankly speaking to the two people next to me:“I understand what you think,The current situation is chaotic,After all, our friend in Japan, Mr. Zhixing Kawaichi, is no longer in this world,This is for us in Heguo,The absence of a strong ally is very bad news。The surrounding situation is indeed dangerous for me,Too many unknown factors present uncertain risks,But have you ever thought,I’m the one who makes chaos?”
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Nine Arena4
“I’m the one who makes chaos。”
This sentence was spoken lightly by the Duke of Kesley,Augustus and Lan Youmeng were both stunned.,They seem to understand what is going on,But there are many explanations。
Looking at the Duke of Keisley in disbelief,Augustus hasn’t changed much except for his surprise,But Lan Youmeng’s breathing rhythm is much slower。
Augustus stood by the Duke of Kesley,I kept suggesting that Lan Youmeng pays attention to his breath,But Lan Youmeng fell on deaf ears,Turn a blind eye。
“Isn’t your deputy leader trying to kill me??”
Duke Keisley obviously felt the change in Lan Youmeng’s body,I looked at Lan Youmeng curiously。
Although I am greedy for Lan Youmeng’s figure,,But the Duke of Kesley knew,Even if this woman Lan Youmeng doesn’t have any traces,It’s easy to kill yourself,Kesley asked himself why he could live where he is now,It depends on never putting yourself in a dangerous position。
Seeing that Lan Youmeng didn’t answer her own question,Duke Keisley is not upset either,Instead, he smiled and said to Lan Youmeng:“I am a gentleman,So even if you already have the desire to kill me,I still want to remind you,Don’t act rashly!”
When Duke Keisley was talking,Close to Lan Youmeng,His breath can hit Lan Youmeng’s body。