Xiao Fan smiled faintly,Wang Mingyang’s flattery has a very good time。
Xiao Fan made a please gesture to Wang Mingyang,Signaled Wang Mingyang to continue。
At this time, Wang Mingyang’s eyes suddenly became a little loose,He doesn’t know where the focus of his eyes is。
He said in an extremely cold voice:“When I first heard Qiao Shan say this,I was stunned in my heart,I wonder if Qiao Shan’s disposition has changed,Before leaving for the hospital today,One of my brothers reminded me that the country is easy to change,Hard to change nature,I’d better guard against Qiaoshan!”
“You didn’t listen to your brother?”Xiao Fan saw that Wang Mingyang said that,Just ask。
“Is there smoke?”Wang Mingyang asked, choked up。
Xiao Fan took out the cigarette and lighter from the drawer and threw it to Wang Mingyang,Wang Mingyang smoked a cigarette,After lighting,Keep saying:
“Yes,I consider myself the boss of the biggest gang in East China,Even if Qiao Shan is from Qiao’s family,Even if he has a big opinion of me,The big deal is to train me face to face,Start with me,He doesn’t have the guts to come!”
“So I only took a few brothers and drove straight to the hospital early this morning,But just when our car was about to enter the city,Our car was surrounded by several cars?”
That’s it for Wang Mingyang,Took a few more puffs,Maybe he didn’t even notice,His face already looks like washed。
Xiao Fan saw Wang Mingyang like this,Did not continue to urge him,Just waiting quietly,Waiting for him to ease his emotions,Go on。
Finish smoking,Wang Mingyang took a new one to light it,After taking another big mouthful,Said to Xiao Fan:“Sorry,Brother Xiao,I’m so excited!”
Xiao Fan walked to Wang Mingyang’s side,Patted him on the shoulder,Said:“I know!”
One sentence“I know!”Once again, Wang Mingyang’s hard to calm heart is excited again。