Chen Geng did not immediately answer Robert Schneider’s question,Instead, the topic changed,Ask Robert Schneider:“Mr. Schneider,How much do you know about China’s automotive industry?”
Robert Schneider subconsciously wanted to shake his head:Why should I know anything about the desert of modern industrial technology in China?But he is not stupid after all,Did not say this sentence,Although I’m curious why Chen Geng suddenly asked this question,But after a little thought,Robert Schneider says:“I don’t know much about China,But I know you have investment in China,And you seem to be the largest in the West in China、At the same time, it is also one of the most popular investors by the Chinese government,”
Paused,Robert Schneider went on to say:“The history of cooperation between Bosch and Huaxia can be traced back to the beginning of this century,After the Chinese government implemented the reform and opening policy,We have been paying close attention to the China market,And is carefully considering whether to go to China to test the water。”
Chen Geng seemed very satisfied with Robert Schneider’s answer,He hehe smiled and nodded:“Since Bosch is also interested in the China market,Then easy。”
Easy to handle?
What’s easy?
Robert Schneider feels his head is foggy。
“I currently have three large-scale projects under investigation in China,”Chen Geng said:“One is with the Dutch Falkland-Fokkerf100Passenger aircraft’s localized production project in China,One is to establish an annual production in China2010,000 passenger cars project,Another is to build a large-scale、Comprehensive auto parts industrial park project……”
Chen Geng said this,Robert Schneider vaguely understood what he meant,He tentatively asked Chen Geng:“and so……Mr. Fernandez, what do you mean,Let us Bosch go to China to support your auto parts industrial park plan?”
at the same time,Robert Schneider’s mind is thinking quickly if Chen Geng really asks Bosch to invest and build a factory in the auto parts industrial park he invested in China.,How should I respond。
Frankly,Because with the Huaxia Market“Deep friendship”,already1978The beginning of China’s reform and opening up,The Bosch Group is paying close attention to the reform and opening policy of the Chinese government,But as a century-old store,Regarding the investment and construction of a factory in China,Bosch Group is not in a hurry,They have plenty of patience for careful observation,After years of observation,At the beginning of this year,Bosch Group finally made“Strengthen the observation of the China market”decision……In other words,Bosch Group is more optimistic about the future of the China market。
But even so,The Bosch Group still has not listed the investment and construction of factories in China as the first consideration,The Bosch Group’s idea is,During the inspection for two or three years,If after two or three years of observation、Confirm that China’s reform and opening up is a definite、Sustainable policy,Then you can set up a representative office in Huaxia Investment、Offices and other institutions……
Listen to!
This is the investment and development plan of the Bosch Group in the China market,Just so cautious。
And as the president of Bosch Group in charge of auto parts business……It can also be a senior employee of the Bosch Group……Of course, Robert Schneider knew about the China Market Development Plan formulated by the group’s board of directors.,Can plan as fast as change,If Fernandez Chen requires only Bosch to invest and build a factory in China,hisamcOnly willing to cooperate with Bosch……
Thought of this possibility,Robert Schneider could not help but start to have a headache。